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Some Stages Of A Writer’s Life In A Nutshell.

Some Stages Of A Writer’s Life In A Nutshell.


  1. When you finished writing that damn manuscript, you felt like a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders.


  1. From then on, the only thing you do is to dream about seeing your hard works finally get printed.


  1. When you saw your name on the cover of a book, your happiness has no limits and you start behaving like an insanely happy child.


  1. You want to tell the whole world about your book, you want each and every one of them to know about your book, and you want them to read and appreciate your book.


  1. In the fit of euphoria, you didn’t know how time has flown away, and the reality started to bite in – Publishing was just the beginning and the real work would start from now on.


  1. All the books you have sold so far were mostly to your friends and families, you suddenly realized that without marketing your book was going nowhere and you didn’t know that marketing was also a part of the job as a writer.


  1. You almost choked on that very realization, didn’t lose heart though and prepared yourself gradually for the new challenges.


  1. Through trials and tribulations, you learned the new trade and even a tiny success here and there brought big smiles to your face.


  1. You hang around a lot at social media, make new friends and tried to learn as much as possible from each other.


  1. You create ads, buy ads, join groups, and your confidence, as well as your profile, grow slowly with time.


  1. You write blogs, guest posts and eventually you start writing for the newspaper too.


  1. You already have a pretty impressive website by now, you have participated in various literary competitions and have even won some of them.


  1. You start writing for literary magazines, become a columnist on some of them and already have quite a substantial number of followers all at the same time.


  1. You keep on writing more books, launch them as a pro and then you start believing yourself as an expert.
  2. You must have known and tried at least one hundred ways of promoting your work by now and you still felt like something was missing. The result was not matching up with the efforts you were putting into it.


  1. Then you decide to learn the trade from the master, paid a hefty fee, and applied that newly acquired skills onto your next book launch.


  1. The launch was a great success, you made the bestselling list, and you felt like you have just reached the top of Mount Everest.


  1. When the euphoria fizzled out and the dust settled down, the reality would bite in, and you will start seeing the bad that you have totally ignored until now.


  1. End of the day, we people behave exactly the same way in the virtual world as we do in real life, and the ugliness of jealousy, bickering, fighting, leg-pulling, trolling, bitterness, hatred, ego, dishonesty, and resentment was all seen in the full display.


  1. The literary world is irreparably separated into two parts, the traditionally published and the self-published authors, and the formers see the others almost with contempt. So are the media, intellectuals and some parts of the general public the as well.


  1. The world of self-published authors is muddied with bitter rivalry, self-aggrandizement, and jealousy. Some of the unscrupulous so-called experts cheat on the newcomers by mostly playing with their emotions. Others would lies. All they want to do is sell few more books through flattery, lies, and trickeries. Unless we clean this mess, we are not getting any respect from others and the stigma will never go away.


  1. Having said that, however, most of the folks are good and only a few of the bad ones are ruining the whole pact. The biggest problem of indie authors is there is no rule of law, anyone can be whatever they want to be with impunity, and it’s like gifting a power and position without responsibility which is dangerous.


  1. You should already know by now that most of the paid ads don’t work, it also depends on the genre you write, (According to experts, romance is the most popular genre and poetry is the least popular one) and one needs to put a lot of efforts, devotion and determination to experience success. As the saying goes, every good thing needs time and we have to be patient. In addition, you also need a lot of luck as well.


  1. You also should know by now how many books you need to sell to become a bestseller. According to experts, the market analysis so far is something like this – From all the authors out there, only 5-10% will do extremely well, the next 30% will survive providing services to other authors and the rest are there just to make numbers. You do the math.


25. End of the day, all you need is just one book to be successful. Therefore, instead of trying to just do the sell, it’s advisable to work on your core brand by interacting with the right audiences, focusing on brand growth, and spending more time on making a good name out of your brand. Why? Because name sells. How? Find the right project that you love the most, work on it with passion and make it the most out of it. I have already found mine, when will you find yours? Work on quality, not in quantity.




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