Date: August 6, 2015


SIZE – 252 PAGES(155648 WORDS)
WRITTEN IN – 2013/14

Chan Hong had been on his own since the day he could remember. His father was a drunkard, his mother was a gambler and neither were ever around at home.

He learned everything from Uncle Seven while working at his small store, and spent his days hanging out with his friends, Eddie Ko and Tsang Adele. Chan’s greatest wish was to become a police officer.

But a series of events, starting with his mother’s suicide and his father’s disappearance, saw him first being evicted from his house and then, with the sudden death of Uncle Seven, he was again made homeless, just before his eighteenth birthday.

With his friends Eddie and Tsang now studying in the U.S. it meant that Chan was more alone than he had ever been.

For the next five years, he survived on doing odd jobs and somehow picked up the pieces of his shattered life. At the age of twenty-five, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a police officer by joining the Hong Kong Police force.

But life had yet one more surprise for Chan, when Tsang Adele makes a sudden reappearance in his life again, complete with an unborn child and a shattered soul.

Where will this new twist take Chan? Does he have the devotion to his friend to make an incredible sacrifice?

A gentle reminder: It also chronicles Hong Kong’s history since 1980-2014 on the first few paragraphs of each chapter, highlights about Chinese traditions, and is a tearjerker. Make sure you have a box of tissues ready at the side while reading this book!

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One thought on “OLD MEN DON’T CRY

  1. Khin Zaw

    Congratulations, Tim Gurung for your “Old Men Don’t Cry”
    We have to call it a novel, because of the narrative, describing characters and events, in the form of a sequential story. However, it is still more than that for me.
    At the central stage is Chan Hong, a local Chinese, who evolved his character since very young age. Standing on his own feet, he has to encounter all the providence himself. Everything seems very realistic and vivid, but same time surrealistic and dream like. With sudden twists and turns of destiny such person as Uncle Seven came into the little Chan’s world, make him realizing the bitter truth of life and means of survival. After Uncle Seven’s death Chan turned to be a vagrant. With his all nerves and muscles he turned into a Hong Kong police officer fulfilling his vision.
    Among numerous observable individuals in this novel, Eddie Ko and Tsang Adele, intimate friends of Chan are most discernible. Three of them built up the panoramic perspectives of the story, which is readable, exciting, never boring.
    Of course there are myriad narratives of the events, not only of the major fictional characters but the real one which dominated. It is obvious that Hong Kong itself is a key protagonist in this literary work. Because of its dynamism Hong Kong is so alive to stay just as a backdrop. Evidently behind Hong Kong, there is again the mainland China. Three decades of connexions between this thrilling metropolitan and mainland China overshadowed the transitions which need a lot of compromise and confrontations, struggles for acceptance and adaptation. Making chapters of history!
    Spices, colours and fragrances of this artistic work are also from inseparable traditional events of Hong Kong, such as sparkling Chinese New year, tomb-sweeping day, sparkling dragon boat festival, ninth day of the ninth lunar month, ghost festival, etc.
    Developing together, human existences, events and their changes against background setting can be seen like a kaleidoscopic images sometime in slow motion but at some point swift.
    It is certainly, a story of life which is cruel but also enjoyable and beautiful.

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