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Ram Bahadur Gurung was a former Gurkha, working as a security guard. He lived in Kowloon with his wife and two sons. Sher Bikram Thapa was a former Gurkha too, working in the construction industry and living in Yuen Long with his wife and three daughters.


Krishna Sharma was a businessman and ran a number of grocery stores and lived in Jordan with his wife and children. Manohar Biswakarma was a chef who ran a restaurant and lived in Wan Chai with his wife and two children.


Despite having different backgrounds and castes, their friendship was solid and entirely based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. The four friends, all originally from Nepal, had a secret meeting point where they used to gather each Saturday and discus their problems while enjoying a meal together.


And they called it with much affection ‘The Namaste Club’.


But when the meeting place was burned down in a fire, things changed for the men.


How did this unlikely friendship survive through time? How did it affect their lives both at home and work? And what did ultimately happen to their club?


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