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After losing his both parents to a landslide, he was raised by his granny and saw little of the good things in life. When granny died, he had no other family and so left the village once and for all.


Arriving at the capital city, he joined the main political party and worked through the ranks as he learned a new trade, until his party won the national election and he suddenly found that he had landed the job of PA to the new PM.


But he became frustrated by dirty politics, resigned his position and returned to the community where he had started his city life. It was a slum. A backward community full of the poor and was totally neglected by the authorities.


But by working together as a team, they found a new goal in life, and it worked perfectly well for both sides. The community found a new voice in him and he found a new challenge for himself. And it was here, in this neglected community, that he rediscovered his lost hope and his life never remained the same again.


What did he do for the community? What did he get in return? And how did he manage to help his people, as well as the whole nation at the end?


International author TIM I GURUNG’s works deliver a splash of reality and truth, full of the actual problems of our societies, and he presents them as fiction so they can be read by all.


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