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On the cradle of the majestic Himalayas, right below the vast mountainous range where the clouds gather, there were two small villages tucked into the veil of the wilderness, untouched and unspoiled by the cruelty and malevolence of modernity. They existed side by side in peace and harmony, unique, self-reliant and happy, with their own customs and traditions, and had never been exposed to the outside world.


JJ was the only son of the village chief. He was utterly spoilt, childish and irresponsible and was married to Baadal, the only daughter of the neighboring village chief as an arranged marriage.


Despite everything he had, he simply refused to grow up, treating his wife like she was invisible and had no respect whatsoever for the relationship


But his behavior was simply too much for his father, the incumbent village chief. He could not stand to see the legacy of his forefathers being destroyed in front of him and eventually died. The shock of his untimely death had a deep impact on the immature son and he eventually snapped, storming out of the house in a rage and committing a dreadful mistake that would change his life forever.


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