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From the very early age, May Andrelina Applehouse knew that she was different. She didn’t fit in with her family and she often wondered why she felt this way.


As she got older the feelings persisted and it became simply too much for her. She ran away from home, became involved with drugs and alcohol and pushed herself to the brink of oblivion.


Her parents, wracked with guilt about May, couldn’t see her waste her young life and told the truth about her past. She was a Nepali girl, found under the rubble of Nepal’s earthquake of 2015 and adopted at the age four by the Australian couple who had been visiting the country on that fateful day.


Determined to find her original family, May packed her bags and headed to Kathmandu, where she enlisted the help of inspector Raj Tamu and his assistant Mangale Magar. With their help and support she felt certain that she would find her family.


But where would this journey take them to? And will May eventually discover what happened to her family on that day?


Note: To be published soon!

#Literary #Nepal #Earthquake #Family #LostChild #Himalayas #adoption

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