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Project Description

Overwhelmed with grief, following the deaths of his family in a freak accident, John decides to hide himself away, unwilling to face the world and with no wish to carry on living.


But as time wears on, he realizes that he owes it to the memory of his family to keep going and as part of his recovery he revisits the scene. It is while he is there, still coming to terms with the loss, that he sees a memory stick.


Intrigued, John takes it home and examines it, only to find that it contains 5 telephone numbers which belong to people in Okinawa, Lhasa, Kashmir, New York and Portland Bill.


Armed with the numbers, John sets out on a mission to discover what links these people to one another and to his lost family. But what will he discover on his marathon journey around the world, and why will his search take him to Nepal and high into to the foothills of the Himalayas?


The surprises come thick and fast in Tim I Gurung’s debut novel about life and love and the ending is guaranteed to surprise, while teaching you something about yourself along the way.


#Literary #Grief #Loss #Family #HongKong #Okinawa #Tibet #Kashmir #NewYork #Portland #Nepal #Himalayas

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