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Project Description

David Lee had been a teacher all his life. He lived happily in one of the suburbs in New Territories, Hong Kong, with his wife Rachel, who was a staff nurse, and their two daughters, Abigail and Adeline.


David’s twin brother, Ricky Lee, lived next door to the family, with his wife Apple, son Tommy and both parents. But although they were twins, the two brother’s characters were poles apart and they led completely different lifestyles.


Trouble started between them when Ricky kicked David’s family out of their family home through his devious scheming and the problems never stopped there, leading to a rift that could never be healed.


Now thrown out of their own home, what will become of David’s family? How will they survive and will he ever be able to forgive Ricky and reconcile himself with his brother?


#Literary #Familylife #Good&Evil #Twin #Relationship #Parenting #Asian

Note: To be published soon!

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