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Project Description

Nata had only one goal in life, to help refugees. He joined the local NGO after graduation and was ecstatic when he got the chance of going to a foreign trip.


His euphoria quickly turned to despair, however, when he found himself clashing with the management of the NGO and he was forced out of the job he loved.


In order to eke out a living, he started a makeshift cafe in his front yard with his pet cat, Zulu, and started a daily blog while waiting for the business to pick up.


Then, one day, Sarah, his former colleague from the NGO office and an old love, suddenly appeared on the scene and everything changed for Nata.


Discover how they managed to make a success of the café. See what changes Sarah brought into Nata’s life and see if Nata can manage to fulfill his dreams of helping the refugees in the end?


A unique and endearing love story that it will touch your heart and warm your soul.


#Literary #Refugees #UNHCR #Displaced #Romance #Migration #Discrimination #Racism #Solutions #Nations

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