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Today, we had a chat with my author friend Susie Smith Vaughan, here it is and I thank you and wish all the best on her writing as well as in her personal life!

1. Tell me something about yourself and how you started writing? 
A – I am a single mother for 14 years, with 3 children, ages 18, 27 and 31, after being married for 24 years. I was born in Texas, moving 13 times before I graduated high school. I always say, “I’m from Texas, I just live in New Jersey.” Stuttered as a child since age 9. I always had something to say but oftentimes would remain quiet for fear of the stutter that would hold me hostage with humiliation causing others to laugh or help me along or complete my sentences which may or may not have been what I was going to say.
I traveled with a college singing group and band to high schools and churches both nationally and internationally, including Hong Kong, Sydney & Adelaide, Australia, Seoul and Kwong Jui, South Korea. These were some of the best memories of my life until I had my children.

I really started writing after I got married at age 20. I cried for my first year thinking “what have I done, I married someone different than who I thought he was.” I began writing in journals for self therapy, poetry, lyrics, quotes, thoughts, and things that happened during the day. I must have over 80 journals. My son, Chris, said, “Mom, I bet you have a book in all your journals.” He’s probably right.

2. What’s your writing habit? How often do you write? 
A – My writing habit is to carry my journal notebook and pen with me constantly in my bags, beside my bed. I write every day, mostly.

3. How do you find writing as a self-published author?
A – I have only 1 article written that has been published with “A Letter to My Dad.” I was first rejected, asked to reapply with changes as I did and was accepted with, “we will publish your article.” The founder, John Finch, is promoting a movie of his life called “The Father Effect.”

4. How many books have you written so far and which one is of your favorite, if any?
A – No books published as of now.

5. What do you want to achieve through your writing?
I want to achieve that I made a difference in someone’s life with my stories by writing books, novels, autobiographies- memoirs, poetry, quotes – muses.

6. Can you tell me a little about your new book and the challenges of writing it? 
A – My new book is a story of decisions I’ve made and how it affected me and others and how I learned from my mistakes. Also, a look into the lives of the women behind the men. Challenges are in the research and in the memories that can be foggy and choppy scenes of my life.

7. How have your books been received so far?
A – No books yet, my one and only published article was well received by my family.

8. What are you working on now?
A – I am researching a woman responsible for an artist becoming known to the world and preserving his letters and drawings because she felt them priceless and of value when everyone else said it was trash. If it hadn’t of been for her passion and determination, the story would’ve never been told to the world.

9. What else do you write beside novels?
A – I write poetry, quotes, short stories, autobiographies.

10. How you make time for your writing in general?
A – I write in the morning upon waking up, lunchtime, before I go to sleep. I keep my journal and trusted pen by my bed if inspired by a Dream or a thought instead.

11. Do you find marketing hard?
A – I need to market and discipline myself to write nonstop for hours more.

12. What is the most important aspect of writing for you?
A – Getting my thoughts out on paper to inspire or encourage is my main aim.

Thank you , Tim for the opportunity to share with you a little bit about me and my writing passions. May God bless you in all you do.

All my best with pen in hand.
Susie Smith Offenbacker
Susie Smith Vaughan

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"The Greatest Interview I Ever Gave to My Own Self"
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