He was born in a village of western Nepal.
He followed the tradition of his village and joined the legendary British Gurkha army at 17.
He was at grade 10, never went to university and was self-taught.
He retired from the army after serving 13 years and got a pension to prove it.
He was stationed in Hong Kong during his entire army career.
He returned Hong Kong as a Quality Control in an international company, got to visit all parts of China, and provided opportunities to witness the meteoric rise of China from a backward hinterland and poor communist country to a world-beater.
He started his own manufacturing business later on, worked very hard while raising his young family, and succeeded.
After working hard from the tender age of 17, he decided to stop working for money and do something meaningful in life after 50.
As he used to write when he was young, being a writer was the easy choice and he started writing again since 2009.
He finally became a fulltime writer in 2015, published 6 books and established a family charity foundation – ISSLCARE
His charity helps provide sponsorship to needy children from Nepal and has a goal of expanding the program throughout the whole nation someday in his lifetime.
His charity is currently sponsoring 27 children through 8 schools in Western Nepal.
He has published eight books so far, 5 more is ready to be published, and he is currently working on his 15th book.
He had to learn different languages, not by choice but by necessity, and speaks six.
He prefers to read books mostly by Nobel laureates.
He wants to be a successful writer not for himself but only for his charity so he can help more needy children.
He writes in serious global and social issues and only writes for his charity.
Besides writing books, he also writes for two leading news portals in Asia.
He was said to have one dream though. He wants to appear in his favorite TV program – 60 minutes one day in his lifetime.
He is based in Hong Kong, loves his family more than anything else and always writes from the heart.