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A Few Tricks Of My Own On Twitter Etiquette!

“I might be one of the nicest guys on social media but don’t make the mistake of assuming that as of my naivety.”

Before anything else, let me make one thing very clear, I never write or claim as an expert on anything in life including writing, and I only write as of my own experiences and nothing more. I can be anything but a Twitter expert? Give me a break..!

Although I have started using Twitter since early of 2015, it was only after early this year that I started using Twitter more frequently and the last six months or so have been pretty interesting as well as revealing. I do use twitter at least twice in a day, morning and evening, and spend at least an hour or so on each session.

And here is a few tricks of my own that I have learned so far on Twitter etiquettes.

– Twitter is certainly not Facebook, users here are more professional and personal stuff is better left behind. You have to be careful about what you share or comment and mistakes are hardly tolerated.

– The rule of only 140 characters can also test your patience and leave you frustrated as well. But don’t get disheartened, on the bright side, it actually helps improve your writing, especially writing punch lines which can be really handy when writing articles for newspapers.

– Whatever you share on Twitter, it’s, of course, your own choice and the right choices of a message, picture and slogan can attract more followers. Therefore, you should have a nice plan before posting anything and they should be posted on a regular basis with a clear theme or purpose. Posting a myriad of random posts won’t take you anywhere hence a total waste of time.

– Having knowledge on such basics as having the proper profile, pinning your most important post on the top, and how to like, re-tweet and reply to someone else’s post is a must. If you don’t know these basics, you shouldn’t even be using the Twitter in the first place then. You can learn how to list your favorites, search and create your own groups later on as you start getting more crack of it.

– Notifications button must be the most important function of Twitter, it’s here where all the activities of your Twitter account are found, and this is where you can interact with real people. Message button is mostly for automated messages and most users ignore it.

– If you tweet only about your books without any inputs from other topics, you are overdoing it and such behavior is also known as over-promotion or even spamming which can easily put off people hence the un-follows. According to experts, the ratio is said to be five to one, which means you should post a promo only after you have posted five unrelated but interesting posts, and my own ratio is approx. fifty to one.

– The best way to gain more followers is, according to experts, do a lot of re-tweets, follow the right person of your interest, and interact with them in a proper way. I myself follow the 1st and last steps in a proper manner but I do usually skip the 2nd step and hardly follow anyone. I do a ton of re-tweets on a daily basis and you are advised to use Twitter in a different part of the day to reach out different users.

– Being nice can take you a very long way in life including here on Twitter, I still think it’s one of the best practices of them all, and it always has to be the genuine one. I am not only kind, polite and responsive but also appreciative to my fellow twitters and I always reciprocate. In addition, I also have a self-improvised principle of ‘saying nothing at all if I have nothing nice to say’ and it has saved me from a lot of unnecessary hassles. It’s quite understandable that some people would treat you as a naïve and others would take you for granted, yet, many would appreciate kindness.

– Last but not least, stay away from controversial subjects, especially politic and it mostly ends with a bad taste.

All in all, it’s a learning process and I am learning few more tricks here and there along the way. It has almost been six months since I have started using Twitter on a regular basis, yet I still haven’t reached my first 5000 followers, and there is still a very long way before I can take myself as an expert. That won’t be happening until I have reached my first 100000 followers and I still have a lot to work. Until then, I will keep on tweeting with the broadest smile possible and you are also advised to do the same.

Thank you for reading it up to here and hope you have learned some tricks of your own by now. BTW, this article was meant to be for the beginners on Twitter and if you were reading it by mistake, sorry!


I am a writer of conscience and righteousness. I write for good of people, society and humanity. Most importantly, I write for my own self.

One thought on “A Few Tricks Of My Own On Twitter Etiquette!

  1. Giggling Star

    Dear Tim Gurung
    Some very helpful advice. Thank you. I joined Twitter many years ago but hardly used it for most of that time. I think I really went there to make sure I grabbed my username before someone else started using it. I think it is only the last 18 months or so that I really began to use it. Sadly I forgot to google about Twitter etiquette and also forgot to google Facebook etiquette so I am guilty of making all the mistakes you have mentioned.

    I am improving gradually after reading a few articles and I cannot stress how important it is to learn how to use each social media platform BEFORE you frighten everyone away! It never even crossed my mind that I would need to google how to send messages of 140 characters. Since picking up a few tips I have improved but I only have 2,050 followers so far. Some of my uses of Twitter have been campaigning for a specific cause and with it being a cause of limited interest it does lose me followers when I am sending hundreds of tweets to various newspapers and TV channels. So I see how easy it is to lose followers if you do not follow the advice you have given above.

    I am hoping that this campaign can be put at a normal status now and not involve concentrated tweet sessions. This will give me the opportunity to tweet about all my other interests so I am looking forward to getting back to do that very soon. With the help of your advice and other sites which help people to understand how to use Twitter I hope my followers will increase dramatically so I can once again follow people.

    Thank you for your advice.
    Best Wishes from
    Giggling Star

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