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Want To Know What Am I Reading Now?

As we all know, writers must read a lot in order to sharpen our writing skills and I tend to read as much as I possibly can. But of course, we all have our own preferences and I am no different.

I mostly like to read rather serious and heavy books, mostly based on people, humanity and world’s serious issues, and I also read books about philosophers, successful people and important histories of the world. I am sorry to say that but I don’t fancy reading much of science fiction, mystery or romance, paranormal, horror, and most of the general fictions. But I can happily read spy thrillers and even have a plan of writing one someday in the future.

I also want to write a romance novel someday along my writing career but not sure of when that can be done. We will have to wait and see…

I must admit I am not a typical writer as you might have expected and I don’t have a writing desk with piles of books around it. But when I became a writer, I knew I need to read a lot, and decided to read books from all the Nobel laureates.

I found ‘The dream of Celt’ by Vargas too complex, ‘Summertime’ by Coetzee forgettable, and ‘Soul Mountain’ by Gao contains too much sex for my liking. Similarly, ‘In a free state’ by V.S. Naipal and ‘My son’s story’ by Nadine Gordimar were forgettable, ‘Beloved’ by Toni Morrison thought that it was mainly written for black people, and ‘Sandalwood death’ by Mo Yan was too Chinese.

I read few more books by other Nobel laureates but I am sorry to say that I wasn’t impressed that much and I have already forgotten about them.

If ‘The Norwegian wood’ by Murakami was magical, I was similarly disappointed with ‘A wild sheep chase’ by the same author. I really liked ‘The satanic verses’ and Midnight’s children by Rushdie, but I still have to find out why the Muslim world was offended by his book at the first place.

Although I didn’t realize it at the beginning, I still think that ‘One hundred years of solitude’ by Marquez was still one of the best books I ever read and the complexity of prose and multitude of different characters in the book were two main reasons why I thought it was a great book.

I also like classic books by great authors like Dickens, Hugo, and Tolstoy and I try to read them whenever I got any chances.

At the beginning, I genuinely thought that books by Hemingway, Twain and Steinbeck were too simpletons and didn’t realize the greatness of simplicity in writing, now I know why they were called the greatest authors of our time, and couldn’t agree more.

I also read a lot of books by fellow authors, but mostly they are in exchange for a favor rather than choice, and such practices are pretty common in our small writing world.

In addition, I read news, current affairs magazines and literary journals in a regular basis and try to keep myself up to date with the world.

Reading is an important habit of our life, it helps us to understand the world and one should try to have one as early as possible in life.


I am a writer of conscience and righteousness. I write for good of people, society and humanity. Most importantly, I write for my own self.

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