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So, Who Is Bishal K. Gurung-Rai-Magar Then?

Due to widely diversified background, Nepalese in HK is certainly a much divided community and finding a leader who can unite them all is almost impossible. It’s not only different ethnicity, race and custom but also tradition as well as way of life that separate them and integration between them is mostly neglected, if not discouraged.

Most frustratingly, it’s the centuries long feudal caste system, which is still as lively and widely practiced now as it was from the medieval period, that prevents the whole community to unite and become one. It gradually transformed into a community with many tribes, each tribe created representative in order to protect its interests, and they never got the chance of uniting again. As a result, small groups and communities started sprouting out like mushroom and they got embroiled so much so into their own small world that they never got time to think over big things in life.

On top of all this, add politics, and all you got is a plethora of small and mismatched organizations that is neither big enough to make significant changes nor small enough to go away quietly. Nepalese community in Hong Kong alone has more than few hundreds such organizations and all they do is serve their own piffling interests.

If we were to be in a position where we can have our say, what we need is a strong and united community and without one, anything else is meaningless.

I had the opportunity of talking with some community leaders from HK Nepalese community recently and wasn’t surprised at all. We were desperately in need of a leader, who has to be not only smart, charismatic and visionary but also experienced enough to lead the whole community in the governmental level. Most importantly, he/she has to be accepted by the entire Nepalese community and the possibility of having such a divine individual was almost none to zero.

But then, serendipity has its own way and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Since the moment I have met this person, I am awestruck and I have nothing but only good things to say about him. All I can say, in a nutshell, is I think our call has finally been answered and HK Nepalese community is saved once and for all.

Meet Bishal K. Gurung-Rai-Magar, a tall, handsome and intelligent guy of 45 who has achieved great in life. He seemed polite yet firm, highly educated yet kind, and rich yet humble. He is the 2nd generations of former Gurkha and happily married with two children, done MBA in IT and runs his own private multinational firm, resides in one of the prestigious locations of HK, is fluent in English/Cantonese/Mandarin, and does voluntary services in weekends. Sounds unrealistic? You are not alone.

A person with three surnames cannot be for real, right? You might ask and here is the fairytale explanation why he ended up with such a rare surname. His father was a Gurung, his mother a Rai, and his father happened to be raised up by a Magar family. In respect of representing all three roots of his son’s existence, his father gave him such surname and the rest is history.

On the bright side, this anomaly of awkward surname can be a blessing in disguise. With his surname alone, he can unite three main communities of Gurung, Rai and Magar, and give ourselves a break that we have been waiting for so long.

His appearance alone can make him likable by all, his knowledge and experience on business can be a skill on managing our community, and his understanding of society and way things are done in HK make him an ideal leader.

What’s more, his proficiency in all three mostly used languages in HK is an asset that other leaders lack and it can be the one main factor that will make all the differences. In addition, he is already very rich and less likely get into corruption.

Most importantly, unlike other leaders, he is not involved on any politics and is not associated with any groups or organizations at all. As a result, he can start with a clean and pure sheet and devote all of his time on the wellbeing of the community.

I certainly cannot say for others, but as far as I am concerned, he must be the best thing ever happened to our poor community here in HK and by putting all of our differences aside, we must unite and throw our unconditional supports behind him.

I sincerely do hope that our community in HK realizes it and do the right thing. If not, only thing we will have is regret and living in regret is as we all know no fun at all.

I wish them all the best!


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