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Are You Making These Mistakes As A Writer?

I have been attending a coaching course from a master who has achieved six figures in yearly book sales and working on a total overhaul of my books for the last few months. As I haven’t tested them yet, I don’t know for sure whether they will work or not. But one thing is pretty sure, at least now I know what I wasn’t doing right from the beginning and making all the necessary changes as I write.

Being a writer myself, I can understand the craving for seeing your book on print is always very strong and we tend to hurry things up without giving much attention on preparation. Without proper preparation, your book is going nowhere and it’s where most writers do fail.

If you want to have any chance of succeeding as a writer, this is the list of must do things before you actually start uploading your book in Amazon.

1. Cover – It has to be nice, professionally done and eye catching. If the cover of your book is not done properly, you will fail on the first huddle and your dream of being a successful writer will die even before it has started.
2. Title – It must grab readers’ attention.
3. Description – It has to be epic, enticing, and the best writing of your career.
4. Keywords – The keywords have to be properly selected, find the right ones, and tweak them until it works for your book.
5. Category – You must select the right category that suits your book best.
6. Writing – The writing has to be good, properly edited and proofread
7. Formatting – The book must be properly formatted by professional.
8. Price – The price has to be right for both print and ebook, if it is too high, nobody will buy.

Of course, it’s easy to list them out. The hardest part is how to perfect them on practices. It has to be done either by our own or pay someone to it for you. This is where help is needed for most of us and if you are not sure, let the experts do the job for you. It’s like the main foundation of a structure and without one, it’s going nowhere. If it’s not properly done, no matter what you do later on, it won’t have much effect on your books.

Still, there is one very important point for all to remember though. You must complete the whole list without leaving one out. It’s not a multiple choice, it’s rather like a box-set and leaving one will stop the whole circle. And all eight of them must be prepared well before the final launch of your book. Only then, whatever you do for the marketing of your book, will start working and your dream of becoming a writer will come true. Having said that however, please always keep in mind that it’s just the beginning and there are still plenty of works to do before the actual dream begins.

If you were making those mistakes like many writers, please stop right there and start rebuilding your base before you do anything else.

Last but not least, I never write as an expert, I always write from my own experiences and the only reason I do is to help other fellow writers by sharing my experiences and nothing more. I have paid for it so you don’t have to. Thank you so much and keep on writing.


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