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How To Write A Novel In Just 30 Days!

Before anything else, please do note that I never write as an expert, I always write from my own experiences and this piece is no different.

If you are reading this piece, it means only one thing. You are either a writer or have interest on writing which mean you can write. However, we all know that writing is not always easy, we must not only have skill, talent and passion but also commitment to write, and discipline in writing is, needless to say, very important.

If I say writing is still the easiest part, many writers out there would definitely agree. Experienced and skillful writers can churn out books in a very short period of time and I can attest that too from my own experiences. I did in fact write five books in this year alone and I could have easily written more if I wanted to.

Still, writing a novel in just 30 days is still a monumental task, but not impossible. Many have done it through National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo in short, the annual novel writing month in November, and here are some tips on how you can do it as well.

Preplanning is paramount. The prose or storyline must be thought out well before the actual writing starts, at least in general, and all the small details of the story can be added on later on one at a time.

As you already know the main storyline by now, you must think out of those other small details well in advance and know precisely how to put them into words. If you do both thinking and writing at the same time, it will consume too much time and you won’t be able to write more. The best way to think it over is right before the bedtime, go through each word and sentence of the next day’s writing once more again, and the writing will become very easy and flowing the other day.

Commitment is very important. We writers have our own different choices of writing time, some prefer the morning, and the others afternoon, evening or even nighttime. It doesn’t matter which time of the day you do write, just write and write on a daily basis. If you care to ask, I write on the office hours and only write on weekdays.

A modern day novel is at least 50-60k words long, by that calculation you need to write at least 2k words in a daily basis, and must be prepared to commit your time from the start to the end. And we all know that it is not that of a big deal for most of us.

All we need is a little bit of discipline, spend less time on social media, and avoid distraction of other kinds if possible.

And avoid using big and complicated words, write in simple words and short sentences, and write in a daily basis without excuses. The hardest part is said to be making the final decision, once the decision is made, all you need is to stick to the plan to the end. And with right discipline, commitment and perseverance, it can be achieved pretty easily.

If this is still not encouraging enough for you, think about the joy, excitement and sense of achievement that it can bring along after the job is successfully completed. The experience is just phenomenal and beyond words. Are you ready to give a try? Accept the challenge with open arms and make yourself a very happy writer today!


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