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Maybe it’s about time I should review my premium account at Linkedin!


Although I have been using Linkedin for many years, it has almost been two years since I have premium account and I am already having a second thought about it. The premium account certainly has many advantages than the basic one and I will be the first one to admit that I have definitely underused them. But I am not talking about the service plans here, I better leave that job to the service provider, and come straight to the point for which I am writing this piece today. What I am talking here is about the actual content, standard and the way I felt about Linkedin in recent days and nothing more.

Before anything else, please let me remind you here again that I never write as an expert, I always write things based on my own experience and my views here are presented as a user. If you were looking for an article full of statics, analysis and tricks, you will be duly disappointed.

I have seen people complaining about the content and standard of Linkedin, they say Linkedin is becoming like FB, and I do agree. It was supposed to be a platform for professionals and businesses. But most of its contents strike similarity with FB and most of those posts displayed in its thread lines are rather personal or family oriented. I have seen people using the same post on FB, Linkedin and other social media platforms regardless and that somehow blurred the line. Pictures of scantly clothed model or revealing women occupied more spaces than relevant posting and business-related posts are getting lesser by days.

Yet, the most disturbing practices of them all are the political ones and people have been abusing it as a platform for expressing their political agendas, belief and rants. Some of the posts are quite frightening as well and they are mostly full of epithet, insult and mudslinging. Linkedin was meant to be for professionals but it seemed like it has been hijacked by political cronies and loonies and they are allover again.

The other nuisance of Linkedin nowadays is the pettiness among its users and they tend to post almost anything from fortunetelling, sightseeing to trolling. Fake, pretenders, scammer and schemer are almost everywhere preying around for easy targets, so are whistleblowers and the game of cat and mouse plays on.

The content, standard and professionalism of Linkedin have drastically gone down in recent years and I have been noticing it for sometime. But two of recent experiences have cleared my doubts. In one event, when I posted about palm-reading, (Yes, I am among the transgressors) I hit more than five hundreds LIKES and had more than one hundred profile views. In the next event, when I posted for a job asking for book cover maker, only one guy showed interest. Needless to say, I was genuinely surprised. Despite the contrast between the two events, it clearly showed the current status of Linkedin and it disturbed me.

If I cannot find the professionals I was looking for in Linkedin, what is the point of having a premium account here then? The main reason why I am still in Linkedin is to find professional or business people so I can fulfill my job as a professional. I asked this question to myself immediately and you should do the same as well. I already have FB and Twitter for my families, friends and followers.

The other thing that concerned me about Linkedin is this – one of my good friends told me that she stopped receiving notifications about my posts for a long time. Whenever we post something new, all of our connections were to get noticed. This has always been my understanding about notifications from the very beginning but that seemed to be not the case here. Please correct me if I am wrong here. But that is the main reason why we have connections at the first place, right? They shouldn’t be selective on sending notifications.

Maybe it is about time I should review my premium account on Linkedin. If I cannot get what I want from it, e.g. professional and business related help, why should I waste my hard earned money? I am genuinely contemplating of a change.

I have almost seven thousands connection and still LIKE each and every one of them when they have work anniversary. I used to wish them all HAPPY BIRTHDAY before as well but I have stopped now as I felt that was maybe too personal. I have always tried to be a nice guy and whenever my connections have done something for me, I have always reciprocated. Yet, I only have just a few of them with whom I do have a good connection and I hardly hear from the rest.

For many, the connections are nothing more than just a number and perhaps we just want to be friend with each other only to make our profile page look good.


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