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Why is it so hard to be a nice person in this world?

a nice man

If anything that would differentiate me from the crowd is my tendency of finding goodness on others and being able to treat them all with a pinch of decency including strangers. If I were to talk straight from the heart, I genuinely thought that it was a virtue that I should always be proud of and learn to cherish it. My past experiences however suggest the opposite and maybe it is about time that I should start looking things from a totally different perspective as well.

First of all, I must confess that I don’t like rude, uncivilized and smarty-pant people and my priority has always been to avoid them. I always treat people with politeness and respect. But whenever I found the other side is not at the same league, my first reaction is to walk away and leave them alone. If not, my preference of dealing with such situation is to apply the mirror tactic, which shows exactly what it was shown, and act like a mirror. If the person is rude, be rude like him. If he shouts, shout like him and so on. But of course, it won’t be an ideal situation as always as we want. Yet, we still have to deal with it one way or another.

I am not only honest and honorable but also extremely loyal and I always like to do things in a right and lawful manner. That must be the reason why I hate queue-jumpers, liars, and ungrateful mutts. Perfidy is worse than death, infidelity is an unforgivable sin, and I just cannot stand dishonesty. But it has become so common nowadays that those transgressions are treated like nothing more than occasional shenanigans and easily forgotten. It is the anomalies of our modern society that are easily forgiven as well.

Social media is the place where everyone can become anyone. But if you only want to be friend with me so I can like your page/post and go away again, please don’t bother and I rather see your back even before you enter my world. We can have thousands of so called friends in a social media site but how many of them do you really care or vice versa. There is not much difference between the real and virtual world. People always behave in the same way. I can count them on my fingers and your position is certainly not better than mine. I like your post, congratulate you on your new job and always reciprocate don’t necessarily mean you deserve them all. I do it mostly because I am a nice person.

I have relatives/friends who don’t give a monkey about me and yet want my money. Life is a two-way-traffic; it has to be good for both sides to pass through and one-sided-way won’t take us too far. If you want a favor from me, you must compensate it one way or another and it doesn’t always have to end with money. There are many other things such as love, care, respect, concern, empathy and compassion can be offered instead. You don’t have to be rich to offer them and one heart should be enough for all. Yet, we always seem to forget about it. It is very hard to find and trust people nowadays. People hardly move fingers without motive and all we can think about is nothing but ourselves. It is always all about ME, the world has almost forgotten about WE.

As I have already said many times that writing is my passion and helping others is my compassion. It is a fact like the sun at daytime and moon at the night. How many times do I have to shout from the top of my lung that I ONLY WRITE FOR MY CHARITY? Why it is so hard for people to accept it? Your skepticism is understandable but I don’t need your scathing views. You can shove it up there and hit the road. What’s more, I don’t do it to please anyone, I do it for my own happiness and I don’t give a monkey about anything else. So, please just don’t bother.

You might say I am a man with too much bitter, but unless you live in a society where you are not only discriminated against by all but also looked down upon based on your color of skin, you won’t understand. If you get harassed by the police, insinuated by locals, and treated by all as a 3rd class citizen in your own place, only then will you be able to feel my pain. I wasn’t born with bitterness, it is the society that gave it to me and the irony is that I didn’t even ask for it.

Sometime, I really wonder why it is so hard to be a nice man in this world. The world has become rather cruel, selfish and apathy by days and it seemed like people actually do enjoy hurting others. I might be wrong but that is what I actually see things now in this world. If you don’t believe it, try being a nice guy at least for a week, or read one of my books alternatively, and you will find your answer. All the best!


An Open Letter to European Union (EU) on Refugee’s Crisis!


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pretty sure that no one will give a damn about this, after all it is from a nobody like me and I am also expecting nothing sort of thing in return as well. Having said that however, being as a writer of conscience as well as a global citizen, it is my moral obligation to pitch in and that is what I am precisely doing here.

The ongoing refugee’s crisis in Europe is deteriorating by days, the inundation of refugees has almost besieged Europe as it had not been since the World War 2, and there is still a very long way to go before it could be solved.

As the saying goes prevention is always the best cure. But sadly, blame it to human’s folly or complacency, we don’t react until the water is over the board, and the Europe’s refugee’s crisis is no different. Taking advantage of other people’s misery is also in our blood and human’s traffickers play greater roles on aggravating the situation. It is also the reason why the world’s refugee problems, which must have been with us since the beginning of our civilization, are still not yet solved.

There are two main reasons why those refugees are heading towards Europe. 1 – It is rich, has values such as human’s right, freedom of speech and democracy, and provides for better future. 2 – Both historically and morally, the Western world has, directly or indirectly, some responsibility on what is happening in the Middle East at the moment.

It is also a bit too late for debating on reasons for now. The time has come for finding solutions now and perhaps some of those suggestions as listed below might be handy.

1. First and foremost, the EU must stop the main flow of the problem at the root by all means. The nations at the forefront of the refugee problems must enforce extreme measures to halt the influx, the EU must provide necessary supports financially and manpower, and stop them right there before it overwhelms Europe. EU must work and defend itself as a single institution. Those member nations on the frontline must be trained, equipped with and supported well.
2. Setup a screening post right there at the front gate, separate the genuine ones from the fake ones, and make the right and necessary arrangements on the spot. It would have been much easier to handle the problem at the early stage than now and letting the refugee’s problem spread allover the heartland of Europe was a grave mistake on its own part. It is also not too late for building temporary camps at the frontline even now and it should help alleviate the burden in great deal.
3. Create a centralized network system for the entire EU, each and every nation can input essential refugee’s details simultaneously, and the process of refugee’s handling would become much easier and faster. However, the final decision of the refugee’s status should be determined by the centralized system and it should be the final decision without human’s intervention.
4. The process of refugee taking must be made to MANDATORY and each and every nation from EU must take and accept the responsibility of refugees that the centralized system has allocated. Similarly, the refugees must also accept the decision made by the system and the privilege of choosing the country of their final destination must be taken off at the earliest possible. It might sound harsh but sometime survival is more important than human’s rights and people must be stopped from exploiting the system as we do have now in the name of human’s right. This can be also used as a huge deterrence for those would be refugees. If you are not guaranteed of ending up in a rich and developed nation like the EU and North Americas, many would think twice before jumping on the boat and stop paying hefty fees to the traffickers that thrives on human’s misery.
5. By applying the same system as suggested above, EU can not only solve its ongoing refugee’s problem but also show the world on how refugee’s problems can be handled as well. In order to solve the world’s refugee problems, the same process can be applied as well in a large scale and all we have to do is to unite as a whole. Once the choice of final destination is taken out from the whole system, there won’t be many risk takers as we do have now and it can eventually save the world from many unnecessary headaches. It will definitely not solve the world’s refugee problems once and for all but it can at least minimize the problem and avoid unnecessary suffering of many innocent people.

A Nation for Refugees!

There are many ways of handling the world’s refugee’s problems, I have wrote an entire book on this issue, (A NATION FOR REFUGEES) and world’s leaders and concerned nations are advised to have a look on it if necessary. I never write or profess myself as an expert, I write only because of my obligation as a member of this very world where we all live and it is just my own humble way of contributing to the main cause and nothing more. If it helps in any ways, great! If not, it won’t be the end of the world and everyone will as always move on. And my job is to write and I will keep on writing. Thank you so much, all the best and I remain…!

Yours truly,

There is no such thing as the right or wrong way of writing!


Whatever the experts say, I strongly believed that there is no such thing as the right or wrong way of writing and I am trying to put my point forward here in this piece. We have more than 7 billions people living in this world right now, and yet, we cannot find even one pair of faces that look exactly the same. It is not only our face or body feature but also our preference, level of understanding as well thinking vary in great deal.

We all have our own unique and different way of seeing things. We might have some similarity in general but when it comes to individual taste, there is a big difference and that’s what makes us all so special. We all have different taste or liking, we even think differently, and if allowed, we all want to live in our own different way.

There is no such thing as a silver bullet that fits all and writing is no different. Different writers do write differently and we all have our own way or style of writing. Most importantly, writing in different styles doesn’t interpret any wrongdoings and declaring wrong or right purely based on way of writing alone is not only inappropriate and unfair but also a mistake.

Similarly, our reading preferences also vary accordingly and different readers do read different types of book. As of that, the more choices we have the better for readers and I believed that there are enough readers for each and every style of writing in the world. It should be encouraging enough for us writers to carry on the way we normally write and find ways to perfect it.

Here are three examples of writing that I want you to have a look and make your choice. They all carry more or less the same meaning. Your final choice of writing will suggest the way you liked the most and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it could be the right choice for all. You were merely expressing your own preference at the most and nothing more.

Example 1 – Do you know why people say the first son is the shadow of his father? Because it is the first son who must follow his father’s footstep, take full responsibility of the house after his father and help extend the prosperity and longevity of the family for generations. The way the first prince succeeds the king, the first son must succeed his father, and take the helm of the family. Moreover, it is also a wish of all fathers out there who dream about that particular day and when it does finally occur, it is probably one of the happiest days of their life.

Example 2 – It is every father’s dream that his first son follows him, accept the filial responsibility and help extend the family line. Having such expectation is nothing new and quite normal for all the fathers out there. All the old kings had to make way for new king one day. When that day would finally come, it will be one of the happiest days of his life.

Example 3 – First son is like a shadow of his old man, he will not only learn from his father but also eventually replace him and that is the way of our life for centuries. It is also undoubtedly the proudest day of the father and he will remember it for life.

BTW, the above paragraph is actually from one of my new books.

There is no such thing as the right and wrong way of writing, it is entirely depends on individual choice and preference, and assuming otherwise would be great mistake from our part as writers. Therefore, please don’t worry and just keep on writing. Your job is not to worry too much about critics but to make your story reachable to the readers and if you can work on that, that would be more than enough for you. There will never be shortage of critics in this world, it is the readers that matters the most and we should always remember that. Thank you so much and all the best!


How to become a darling of Western Media in 4 steps!


Media is a very powerful institution, it can make or break a career of many people and if you aspire to be somebody in this world, you certainly need some powerful friends in the media. I learned it through hard way. After becoming a fulltime writer for a little more than year by now, I certainly realized the importance of having the media at your side. But it is much easier said than done. Especially a newcomer like you and me, who had not only hailed from a completely different background but also burdened with a deeply rooted stereotypical discrimination of the biased society, and our aspiration of appearing on the mainstream media could crushed even before it gets started.

As my main interest of writing is based on serious social and global issues, I do read a lot of news, magazines and interesting books. I also watch critically acclaimed movies, shows based on social issues, and watch many different news channels. If I have learned anything from those activities, it is the immense power that top media channels exert on our decision making and its eventual influence to the world. If a powerful channel picks up a particular news, it does spread throughout the world as bushfire and within a matter of minutes, it is almost everywhere.

Needless to say, the top dogs in the media business are still from the western hemisphere and western media rules – sorry rest of the world, you might be old dogs but still the followers of the pack and you certainly don’t need to be told by a nobody like me.

So, how can we become a darling of the powerful western media then? Here are the four simple steps that I have recognized and do hope that you will find it really helpful and good luck!

Step 1 – Democracy is the 1st word that you should start talking, eating, writing and breathing and whatever you do, you should always make it as grandeur and louder as possible. You must only talk about democracy and nothing else. You must endorse and champion it as your life depends on it. Never miss an opportunity of praising about democracy. Support your speeches with interesting example like how a black man became a president in the land of democracy. Why India is the biggest democracy in the world and its election process is the longest one as well. What makes loose cannon like Donald Trump giving a shellacking to the old and tested institution like the Republican Party? And never stop shouting from your lung as you were the last man standing for democracy on the planet.

Step 2 – Freedom of speech should be the 2nd step to be added on your portfolio and you should start campaigning yourself as you were the only person left on this planet who cares about freedom of speech. You should also start making a new habit of perusing through the local paper by now, search for articles that write anything about freedom of speech, and memorize them by heart. Violation is the word you should pay more attention on, spin those stories at your favor and use them as many times as you possibly could. Show sympathy to the victims, speak out for them in front of the crowd and write stinging articles against the violators.

Step 3 – Press freedom is the 3rd step that should be included on your armory and you start talking about it as you have already done for the first two causes. The media should have already noticed you by now and it is the perfect time of talking about press freedom. The media people would just love it, who won’t? After all we are more or less a bunch of sycophants. You should apply the same rule as you have applied for the first two and make as much noises as possible. If you don’t see your efforts being picked up here and there by local media by now, don’t panic. It is not that you are doing something wrong. They just need some more time and it is about time that you start making double noises than you have been doing hitherto and persevere. They will eventually start writing about you sooner than later.

Step 4 – Human’s rights is the 4th and last step that you should take and start talking about it as loud and often as you possibly can. Since the world is full of crappy, greedy and power hungry people, violation of human’s right is as prevalent as flu in the winter and finding such materials is not hard at all. The media and internet is littered with more information than you will ever need in a lifetime and talking about human’s rights is actually as easy as riding a four wheel bike. You just have to sound real, be passionate and act like you really meant it. It is half talent half act sort of thing and you are actually on a stage. Once you are on the stage, your job is to entertain the crowd and it doesn’t matter how you actually do it. It is the end result that counts.

Thank you for being with me until now, hope you have read them all carefully and preparing yourself well for the next challenge to stardom. Before you start, please remember this very important point and if you don’t possess this, all 4 steps that I have described above will have no value at all. The most important requirement in order to qualify as a darling of the western media is YOU HAVE TO COME FROM A COUNTRY WHICH THE WEST HATES THE MOST and if you need a clue, please start with China, Cuba, Myanmar, Thailand, North Korea, Afghanistan and the Middle East. If you are not from those nations, your chance of becoming a darling of western media is almost non-existent and you have been duly warned here.

Last but not least, you might ask why I am still NOT a darling of the western media then. Well, we are writers, remember, we don’t count. We are good at only writing but nothing else. All the best and take care!


7 Reasons why you should really read my books!

Books by the great TIM I GURUNG

I am certainly not that type of person who likes to tut his own horn, but hey, when you have genuine reasons like I do, why not? It is also said to be good for our morale and one should definitely try it sometime. With a whiff of reservation though, this is exactly what I am trying to do here now and hope you good people out there would agree.

As the old saying goes, everything happens for reason and why would that be a different cast on my story? I didn’t become a writer by chance. I decided to become a writer for reasons and I am here to spill the bean. By the end of it, I sincerely do hope that you could be convinced to try one of my books. After all, they are all for good reasons.

1. I really don’t write for money or fame – I am definitely not a superrich guy and I don’t have bottomless pocket or money to burn. I am a simple man with humble beginning and I know how hard life can be when one has to start it from the scratch. I also know the importance of money and how it affects our life as well as the world itself. At the same time, I also know the power/limitation of money and how our over-dependency on it can enslave as well as ruin our life. I am a self made man and I have experienced the pain of not having it as well as the joy of having it enough. It is you who must have the control of money but not the other way around and you can do it only when have no greed. Although I have never tasted fame, I know it is more or less the same as the greed for money and we can control both in the similar way. As I had never become a writer for money or fame, I don’t have to worry about it at all and believe it or not, that is my strength.
2. I always write directly from my heart – Writing is a very tough profession, not many can eke out a decent living out of writing and most are still struggling. Had it not been for the passion and love of writing, most writers would pack the bag and go find other jobs for living. Thankfully, my position is far better than most of those struggling writers and I can afford to be a fulltime writer without having to worry for my family. I started after I turned fifty, remember! If you have luck, worked hard and invest wisely, folks like us can actually do anything we want to do at fifty and I happened to be one of them. Writing is undoubtedly the 2nd most important thing in my life after my family, my passion for writing is like a never dwindling wave of the ocean, and I can write as long as I want. Most importantly, I write directly from my heart and that’s why my writing is full of emotions. It is also the reason why I like to write on real issues.
3. My books are for people, society and even mankind – As I only write on serious global and social issues of this world, they are mostly real. They are not only happening out there but also affecting our daily life as well and we should be concerned about it. The world is more closely connected now than it was before, it will directly or indirectly affect your daily life sooner than later, and we cannot ignore them anymore. The events happening to a person, a society and a nation will eventually start affecting our livelihood as well and knowing about those issues can help a lot in real life. And you can certainly learn a lot about such serious issues of the world from my books.
4. My books are unique, knowledgeable and useful – My writing is completely different from those other writers out there. It might be a little unfamiliar at the beginning, but once you get accustomed of my writing, you will not only start enjoying it but also learn in great deals. Instead of concentrating on minor details, you must try to grasp the whole picture of the book first and gradually start analyzing it. My writing encourages you to get out of your comfort zone, read something different than what is already in the market and find way to appreciate it. Only then, you will start liking my books and make the best out of it. My books are full of useful information, not necessarily in a text type though, and you have to go much deeper than the sake of reading stereotype to understand its real value.
5. My books contain no vulgarity, bad elements and violence – Unlike most of the books out there, my books contain no vulgarity, bad elements or violence at all. They are not only good for all reading but can be also easily shared with friends, families and colleagues. It is suitable for children, students and all ages of people who like good book. My books could be really useful to high school and university students and readers who likes to read more about world affairs. All in all, I can personally guarantee you that you will never have to face any awkward or embarrassing moments while reading my books and it is a promise.
6. My books make you learn and respect for other culture, tradition and way of life – You must have really been tired of reading all the usual types of book such as horror, romance, teen romance, vampire, paranormal, dystopian romance, historical, action, thriller, pop, ya, those how to books, dummy’s guide, and fifty shades of whatever…. But my books will give you different set of experiences and if you dare to try, you will find new things to learn. This world is really big, it has many different races of people and they all live in different ways. My books will not only give you a chance to learn but also respect the culture, tradition and way of life of those different people and make you feel as you were actually there and met with them. This unique experience alone should make you read and enjoy my books.
7. And I only write for my charity – As you can see it on my profile, I have already said many times that I only write for my charity. It must be quite hard to believe initially, after all, the world has no shortage of fakes and cheaters, but trust me, it is for real. You may say I am a crazy, but compassion is the main reason why I become a writer and writing is used as the conduit of fulfilling my goal of helping others. ISSLCARE FOUNDATION LTD is my family charity registered in Hong Kong, it helps provide scholarship to poor children in Nepal and we already have 27 children through eight schools. It is a campaign that has already started and my ultimate goal is to expand it in great deal so one day, it can cover the whole nation. And needless to say, I need to sell truckloads of books to achieve that and it is the reason why I am talking to you in the first place.

Hope I have made my position very clear and convinced you all out there my dear readers to have a try. Here is the link of my books at Amazon – – and if you want to know more about my works, please visit my official website here – – Thank you.

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