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My Guest today is Author Amanda Evans!

Author amanda evans

1. Tell me something about yourself first and how you decided to become a writer?
I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first book aged 9, titled “The Little Elf Fairy”. I was so excited and thrilled with my work and my parents had it typed and printed for me. I was always writing as a child, different stories, new episodes for TV programs I loved, and more. Writing was a part of me and still is today. During my teenage years I wrote poetry. I was a means of expression and something that really helped me through those tough years. During my later teens and early twenties, writing took a backseat as work commitments and life took over. It never fully left though and I would always find myself jotting down ideas, writing short pieces, and more. I guess you could say writing was in my genes and something that made me me. It gives me a senses of joy and satisfaction, and there is nothing more fulfilling that taking out a notebook and pen and giving way to my imagination.

2. When you started writing and what makes you keep on writing?
I write because I have to. It is something inside of me, a need that I have to fulfill. You could describe it like an addition. When I write I am happy and filled with joy. When I don’t write, thoughts and words rumble around in my mind, tormenting me, teasing me, and the more I ignore them the louder they get. Once I put pen to paper the nagging recedes and I find joy and peace again. I keep writing because not only do I enjoy the process, it is part of who I am and I can’t ignore it.

3. What was your first book and how many books have you published since then?
My first published book was a tribute to my father, and in many ways a therapeutic and healing journey for my family. It is titled “From Those Death Left Behind”, and portrays the struggles and questions that those left behind after a death by suicide find themselves with. It was a tough journey writing the book but it was worth every tear, and every pain that resurfaced. The book has received a lot of press and was in fact used as a teaching aid in a school in the UK. The first edition of this book was published in 2005 and was then updated in 2007 to include some writing from my mother. It is available in both e-book and paperback from Amazon.

My second book was a collection of poetry titled “Tears of a Crying Soul”, published in August, 2010. This is available in e-book only from Amazon.

My third book is titled “Messages from the Angelic Realms” and was published in September, 2011. This book is based on inspirational messages that I received during meditation and has also been very successful.

The fourth book I published followed on from the success of the “Messages from the Angelic Realms”, and is titled “Angels: Understanding, Recognizing, and Receiving their Assistance using Oracle Cards”. It was published in January, 2014. This is available as an e-book only from Amazon and has been very successful.

Author amanda evans book

4. Why writing is so important for you and what you want to achieve from writing?
Writing is so important because it helps me to voice the emotions and thoughts going through my mind. I find it therapeutic, especially journaling as it helps me to get my thoughts down on paper to see what I need to focus on. I am a big believer in lists and I am constantly writing things down so I can come back to them later. If I have a problem or something is worrying me, I will write about it and usually find I come up with the answer.

My goal for my writing is to be able to help others. This is especially true for my non-fiction and inspirational writing. I want to be able to make people smile, to turn their days around, and the help them find peace and hope for a better life. I want to encourage everyone to look for the positive and to know that live goes on, even when you wish it wouldn’t.

5. What genre do you write and what is the hardest part of your writing?
I write in a number of different genres. For non-fiction I like to focus on the self-help genre. For fiction I love fantasy and young adult. I am also very partial to romance novels. The hardest part of writing for me is finding the time to sit down and do it. As a freelance writer, I am constantly writing articles, website content, and search engine optimized content for clients all over the world. Finding the time to focus on my own writing can be the hardest thing for me.

6. Which author(s) inspired you the most and why?
I have always loved Wayne Dyer and find his books always resonate with me. They are meaning full and you always come away with new ideas and thought patterns. I love how these books make you think and are filled with positivity and hope. I tend to enjoy most self-help books, especially those published by Hay House.

For fiction, I loved Terry Pratchett growing up as well as Roald Dahl. I loved how these books stirred the imagination and took you to worlds where magic was real. To this day I still love fantasy and magic, and realms where the impossible can happen.

7. What is your writing style and how you differentiate your writing from other fellow writers?
I tend to write in a simplistic manner. I want everyone to be able to understand and find the meaning in my works. I like to write as I talk and hope that the message is clear. I don’t try to copy or write in a similar manner to anyone else. I write how it flows in my head and I don’t try to chance it. This is especially true when writing fiction. My characters speak to me and I transcribe their words. It is a wonderful, way to write, and I love how my characters take over and tell me their story.

8. Why do people think self-publishing is still a vanity or even stigma and how you going to change that?
I think a lot of people self-publish as a means of getting their work out there. It is difficult to find a publisher and a lot of self-published authors who achieve success end up having publishers contact them. I think the stigma that was previously attached to self-publishing has lifted and there have been a number of traditionally published authors who have embraced the new self-publishing trend and seen massive success. I think it is a matter of personal choice. For me, I self-published my books because I wanted them to have a platform. It wasn’t about getting a publishing contract or making loads of money. It was about helping people and showing them that there was hope. With my book, “From Those Death Left Behind”, I couldn’t bear to have an editor or publishing house change my story. It was too personal. With the rest of my books, it was just easier to self-publish and it took less time.

9. Why marketing is so important for indie authors and what steps are you taking for your own marketing needs?
Marketing is extremely important no matter what type of an author you are. There are millions of books being published through Amazon every month and your marketing is what is going to get your found. You need to have a good social media presence as well as an author website that you can promote. You need to be approachable and this is very important especially with social media. People want to be able to contact authors, tell them what they thought of their books, and sometimes even ask for advice. Without a marketing plan or strategy, your book is similar to a needle in a haystack, and potential readers will never find it.

For my own marketing, I have a website/blog and social media pages. I am active and always offering advice. I am also looking at guest posts on other blogs.

10. What is your opinion on e-book and do you think people will eventually choose e-book over physical book and why?
This is a tricky question. I never thought I would favour the e-book over my paperbacks. I love my paperbacks and how they look on the shelves in my office. I love being able to see their covers, smell the pages, etc. With e-books it’s not the same but I still love them. It took me a while but I think once I had finished two books on my kindle I was hooked. I love how you open it on the page you left off, it tells you what percentage you are at, how long more you have to read, and the new Goodreads feature lets me track the books I have read this year with ease. I love that I can get a new book in seconds and if I am reading a book and find that there is a book two, I can immediately jump into it. I don’t have to go to the local bookstore and hope that they have it in stock. I can also pre-order books and have them delivered to my kindle as soon as they are released.

I don’t know if people will ever stop loving paperbacks, I know I don’t, but I think e-books are just more reachable at that moment.

11. What are you writing now and what is your expectation from this new book?
I have a number of projects in the works at the moment. One is a young adult novel titled, “The Darkness Rises”. It is a fantasy story filled with magic and a dark lord who plots and murders, in a bid to destroy humanity and reap his revenge. I am really enjoying writing this book and hoping that it will help launch my fiction career.

I am also working on an, as yet, untitled romance novel as well as a number of non-fiction pieces. These include a book on the success mindset, and a book on switch words.

12. Where can people find more about your works?
My books are all available on Amazon, my author page is: or use the link below.

I also have a personal website:
I am on social media too and all my social media sites can be found on my website.

Find me on:
Facebook: (Author page)
Facebook: (spiritual page)
My Website/Blog:

Books By Amanda J Evans

Surviving Suicide – A Memoir From Those Death Left Behind
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

Thank you so much for your time, really appreciated and I take this opportunity to wish you again for all the best. Hey, keep on writing, the world needs you!


I am a writer of conscience and righteousness. I write for good of people, society and humanity. Most importantly, I write for my own self.

4 thoughts on “My Guest today is Author Amanda Evans!

  1. Lynda Kirby

    Your article resonates with me in a number of ways. As a wirter, I love when a character takes over and dictates the story, even though the plot outline is shot to pieces.
    It sounds as though you are a positive person and your aim to help others through your writing is laudable.
    I wish you every success with all your projects.
    Lynda Kirby

  2. Tim Gurung

    Dear Amanda, Thank you so much and it was my pleasure, our post seemed to be the most popular one amongst other interviewees and I am really happy. Take care and keep on writing! thanks!

  3. Tim Gurung

    Lynda, Thank you so much, I am sure that you were talking about my guest Amanda and I am really happy for her. Yes, it has been quite a run, we had a lot of them and it was a great fun as well. I wish you for all the best and keep writing!

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