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What did I learn about writing in the last few years?



Although I did start writing in 2009, my books were only published in 2015 and I didn’t do much of the writing in last two years due to the commitment on book marketing. But during this period, I did meet several groups of people, interacted with them a lot and learned in great deals. What I have learned during the last few years about writing certainly carried great significance and was really helpful. So much so that my writing has completely changed over the year for better and my new books will surely show it.

As I have been saying from the very beginning that writing is actually very easy, everyone can write and if you still have doubts – try writing some letters. Writing is not hard, what is hard is to write a good writing and it certainly needs a lot of practices as well as talent. Different personalities of writer write different pieces, you must be able to choose the right type of writing according to your personality and preferences, and stick it to it until the end. Writing short poem doesn’t mean it is easy – you have to be very precise, use right and fewer words to express more and must be a wordsmith. In order to write a novel, you must be patient, well organized, and must keep track of the characters in the best possible way. If you have interest on current affairs, write a non-fiction book, and fiction writing is mostly good for dreamy and imaginative writers.

I have garnered mostly good reviews for my books, some of them were really flattering and such reviews can actually inspire us to write even more good books. But I also had some bad reviews, which is normal and only an egotistical fool would expect that everyone will like his/her writing. And a healthy criticism can, admit or not, actually be very helpful to new writers like us and I am grateful to them.

One of the reviewers said my book was all about telling but no showing, it is a term of describing the form of writing in literary world (For those who are not familiar with writing term) and he might be right. In my defense I would say – writing shouldn’t be restricted to only one particular form, there is no right and wrong form of writing and the world is big and versatile enough to accept the variety and diversity of many writing. Besides writers should be first and foremost a storyteller, his job is to tell a story on whichever way he feels comfortable and present it to his best. For showing, we have movies, videos and TV. I personally think it is already a clichéd word; writers should be free to write on whatever way he/she wants to write. And let readers make their choice.

Another reviewer said my writing was too verbose; it contains too many adjectives, and some of the paragraphs are too tedious. When I saw this, the first thing I had in mind was this person must be a teacher, a very good one though, and instead of enjoying the story, she decided to pay more attention on them. It is certainly only one aspect of the whole thing, one opinion from many readers, and there are many aspects in a book that can determine whether the book is good or not. But minor issues can be irritating and we should avoid them at all cost. Writers must listen to critics and do our best to improve it. Thanks God, she decided to be a teacher and I am really grateful for that.
The new writers also try to impress too hard, tend to use long and complicated sentences, and never think twice before using big words. That is normal for us all as humans, the new arrivals always try to impress the others like in our early schooling day, and writers are no different. I did the same mistake as others and I am trying to rectify it now. Unless you are writing a special report that is only for the eyes of highly educated and professional individuals, the writing has to be in a simple, flowing and easy language that can be read and understand by all. The sentences should be short and clear and the paragraphs should be not too long. Nothing can beat the simple writing.

Of course, I will be applying those new mantras on my writing henceforth, I am sure that my editor will be really happy and sincerely do hope that my readers will also like and appreciate my future works. Thank you so much!

Only 3 good things had come out of Nepal so far…!

As my readers can attest it, I have already written a lot about Nepal and people should already know my opinions about it. Besides, I am too busy with my ongoing writing project and I don’t have new plans to write more about Nepal any time soon. Having said that nonetheless I still have this piece and here it is for all to read.

I strongly believed that Nepal is still a nation run by Kleptocrats under the veil of fake democracy and unfortunately it is the publics who are paying the ultimate price. You can argue for days and nights, throw as many epithets and expletives as you can, but history doesn’t lie. And the fault is not on others but to ourselves alone and we are damned for generations.

Given the recent situations in Nepal, there are not many things that we can say with pride that Yes! That was ours, we did this and we are proud of that. Don’t worry, not all is doomed and gloomed yet and we still have 3 good things that had come out of Nepal so far and we all should be proud of it.


Lord Buddha – It is universally known that Lord Buddha was born in Nepal as a prince, he got enlightened in India though, and Buddhism has spread throughout Asia and then other parts of the world. However, many Nepalese are still unaware of an ongoing conspiracy by India and it has been spreading false information around the globe that Buddha was actually born in India. Even worse, it has been going on for centuries, many followers from outside world actually believed that Buddha was born in India and the entire Nepal didn’t even know about it until recently.


NEPAL - MAY 25: Village, Khumbu, Everest, Nepal. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Mount Everest and the great Himalayas – Nepal is a landlocked country; it is surrounded by India on three sides and the north by the great Himalayan range. As Nepal has no substantial industries of its own, tourism is the main industry for foreign dollars, and Mount Everest and the great Himalayan range have played a very important role on making it a viable industry. And many people and community have tremendously benefitted from it and will benefit for many years to come. Thankfully, the nation’s corrupt leaders haven’t found a way yet to sell it for their personal gain and our people should continue benefitting from it for quite a long future.



The Gurkhas – It can be said an anomaly, but the Gurkhas have been serving the British crown for more than 200 years, and they are well known for unconditional loyalty and unparalleled bravery throughout the world. Being a citizen of one nation and serving the other nation with life have not only drawn criticism but also stigmatized its good name. But it has already became an renowned institution by its own and no institution can survive more than two centuries in the term of taking and giving alone thus only fool couldn’t see its significance. It still needs help from the within, we must spread as much information as possible to the world and introduce the legacy to the world. Only then, the world will understand and give them the due respect. For that purpose alone, I am planning to write a book about Gurkhas in 2017, I will dedicate the entire year to work on this very important book and will visit many countries and talk with many people. As I want to make it a true Gurkhas book, I sincerely do hope that you will come and talk to me so we can fulfill this goal together at the end.

Caveat hereby must still be pointed out that if we are not cautious and take no necessary actions now, there will be nothing left to cherish and feel proud of it in the future. It is time for all to wakeup, start thinking about the nation before us and save our country before it is too late. God bless us and our country Nepal!


Is the world running out of good people?



It seems that the world is running out of good people lately. Even the prestigious Nobel peace prize committee is struggling to find the right candidates and concerning some of their past selections have mooted voices that simply refused to go away. Your humble writer doesn’t harbor a false assumption that he is qualified enough to criticize such a respected institution like the Nobel committee, I dared not even in my wildest torpor, and the piece prepared here is purely based on publics’ views and nothing more.

Aung San Suu Kyi – 1991 – Even the iconic figure like her wasn’t spared from the heresy and critics have became much louder after she had failed to speak out for the persecuted Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. She was awarded the Nobel peace prize for her role as a freedom fighter in 1991, the military junta had put her in house-arrest for more than a decade, and she fully deserved the award. Yet, people say that she did win the award for two reasons – her husband was a Westerner and they hated Burma. Her ongoing silence on the Rohingya issue is not helping at all.

President Obama – 2009 – Rumor had it that even the president himself was utterly flabbergasted when it was announced, let alone the world and the committee itself had to do some explanation on the decision. By ending two wars in Middle East and Afghanistan, they explained, he had saved million of lives. Although it seemed the right thing to do by then, many might dispute it now and the jury is still out there.

Lu Xiaobo – 2010 – He was pretty unknown to the Western world until he was rounded up by the authority and put into prison for publishing a manifesto known as Chapter 08 in 2008. He was awarded the prize on 2010, the motive behind it was said to be rather the Western world dislikes towards communist China, and his family is suffering through the wrath of powerful regime since then.

European Union – 2012 – We all know that EU was created in order to counterbalance American domination on world business and it was never meant to be otherwise. Its ill-preparedness was bared in public by Greek-financial-meltdown and Ukraine’s crisis. Although they had pretty worked out well on benefits as a single market, they forgot to discuss about future losses hence the weaknesses were severely exposed. The current influxes of refugees from Middle East have further exasperated EU and they must have already forgotten about the awards by now.

Kailash Satyarthi & Malala Yousafjai – 2014 – Kailash Satyarthi is a veteran educational campaigner, he has been helping tens of thousands of students throughout his life and he fully deserved the accolade. Malala Yousafjai’s story is nothing new to the world, the world goes gaga on her name alone and she also deserved the prize. Yet, isn’t she a bit too young? The committee should have waited for at least a few more years. If it wasn’t for the reason of her young age, they would not have selected Kailash Satyarthi at the first place, and the decision of awarding them as a joint winner raised question. It seemed like the committee had already decided on Malala, they needed Kailash Satyarthi to cover their doubt, and Kailash Satyarthi might want to send a thank you note to Malala.

After becoming a fulltime writer for a year or so, now I fully understood that without the approval and blessing from the Western world, nothing meaningful could be done in this world, and Western hegemony is as strong and powerful as it has always been. Admit or not, the rest of the world is just the followers and in order to win something big in this world, you have to become a darling of the Western media. The secret of achieving that unassailable goal is simple. You have to advocate four main things: freedom of press, freedom of speech, democracy and humane rights. In addition, you also have to be living in a country which is against the western so called core values. If they liked and picked you, your future is bright and there is nothing much to worry about.

The next candidate for Nobel peace prize is… any guessing? Maybe Joshua Wong, our own Hong Kong’s skinny and clueless student leader. Don’t be surprised if that actually happened. However, if it really happens, it will be a sheer travesty of that renowned institution, and I sincerely do hope that it won’t become a reality, at least not in my lifetime.


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