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The anomaly of my social networking practices.



Social networking is a necessity devil for all the marketers, especially for the new and self-published authors like us, it is a must, and that is precisely what I had been harnessing for the entire year 2015. I am not going to repeat here again on the pros and cons of social networking sites, I have already wrote enough about it and if you fancy for more details, you can find them right here on my blogs. What I am going to write on this piece is about the peeves of my own social networking practices, a sort of anomaly at its own right, if I would say, and it is totally based on my own experiences and it has nothing to do whatsoever with anything or anyone else.

As you know, I have been busy writing this coming year, and trying really hard to make a new habit of it from the very early on. You should have already noticed my less frequent appearances on my social networking sites and I am posting only one blog each week for my official blog page. Since I didn’t write a single page in the whole 2015, in order to catch up and offload the pile of stories from my head, I have already started writing five titles all at once this year. Although the progress has been really slow at the start and I am not ashamed of admitting it, it is gradually picking up by days. And the main culprit on making my life difficult is nothing but the social networking itself. It is certainly a huge distraction on my work, I cannot help but keep on flipping the multi-faceted screens of my computer in every ten minutes, and it is obviously affecting my actual writing.

I have always been one of the nicest persons on social networking sites from the very beginning; I have been very responsive and always been polite as well as thankful. I wished them all on birthday, congratulated and liked their anniversaries, and thanked them whenever my connections have liked or commented on my posts. After doing it persistently for the whole 2015, my experiences taught me few things and I have learned restraining myself from many things that I used to do before without any reservations. I had many irksome and quirky situations but those were the few as listed below which really annoyed me in time and changed my perception on social networking.

Acceptance of your friend request by people doesn’t mean anything, for most people it is nothing more than a number and the bigger the better. So there is no point for being overexcited. I offered a free book review for authors but one overcautious author had the audacity of accusing me for intended piracy. I joined some paid sites but found them not much useful either. They are mostly run by a group of closed circle friends, they are simply too busy talking to each other, and an outsider like you and me will start feeling unwelcomed. The other such groups are mostly for serving the ego and needs of its founders and they don’t offer much help for the new comers. I am still finding it very hard how people buy books from ads at Twitter, they just get a second or so to flip and hardly click, and the most followers I got from Twitter were either fellow writers or those wanting to sell fake followers for certain fees. Facebook is even worse, it is mostly for families and friends, and most of the groups that I had joined were full of writers and they only wanted to sell. FB is also full of cheats, scammers, and fakes. It also charges for total number of reaches, not actual clicks, and the ads on FB weren’t that much effective for me. I also found some cheapskates who asked for review swaps and when you have done your review and waited for the other side, it would never materialize. Most will befriend you so you can LIKE their official FB page and once it is done and when it is their turn, they will simply disappear or ignore you.

The other annoyance of having friends from Western hemisphere is the necessity of checking your status and clearing all of those not-so-nice-looking postings in a regular basis so your piety is not questioned by your closed family. Authors who write on such genres seemed to be also the most active ones and that made situation even harder. Such open display of vulgarity and expletives can be a norm in the developed world, but here, it can still be a very sensitive subject and especially for senior people like us, it can be an image issue. I had to un-friend many of them only for that reason alone and I still feel sorry for them even now.

All in all, I have almost 10k connections in my social networking sites, I hardly have good term with more than a couple of dozens people, and it says it all. Needless to say, I have changed a lot since then. I am still active on social media, but I only do things that are absolutely necessary for my presence in there and nothing more.

I didn’t know it was so damn hard….!

writing again


After working really damn hard for the last 35 years, I decided to change the main course of my life in 2015 and become a fulltime writer. I had the audacity or gumption (make your own assumption) of publishing 6 books all at once without even a word of publicity beforehand and ended up the whole year of 2015 doing nothing but the endless job of promoting books. I was so much so busy and preoccupied by the ongoing job of book promotion that I hardly had time for other things in life, I didn’t even write a single page of any new books and my head was very heavy and loaded with new stories that I still had to offload them onto the new pages of my forthcoming books. In order to save myself from insanity, I have to restart writing again, and that has to be done very soon.

Therefore, I decided to take a long break from the never-ending task of book promotions and make 2016 the writing year of my nascent career. Good news, I have already started writing 5 titles all at once, I am still at the first chapter of each book for now, and I have planned to finish them all by the end of 2016. Each book will need at least 200 pages for a novel, that require me to write at least 1000 pages altogether for 5 books, and in order to finish the project, I must write at least 3 pages in a daily basis. That is not a big deal, seasoned writers know it is not a problem at all, and I don’t overestimate myself that often in life. But I didn’t know it was so damn hard…

The hardest part is not the writing itself, not at all, but the changing of the habit and I really didn’t know it was so damn hard. Since I have been in the full-swing-mood of promoting books for the entire 2015, changing it to the writing mood again is really damn hard, and it is taking more time than I had initially anticipated. I cannot start my new day without checking the status of my social networking sites, the urge of revisiting it again in the middle of writing is still so strong that I couldn’t help myself but keep flipping the screen on again and again, and the distraction is detrimental. Social networking is contagious, it is taking more time to get rid of the old habit and as of that, the writing is not making as much progresses as I would have loved to make. But I have always been a man of discipline, hard work and perseverance; I have always given my utmost best on whatever I decided to do in life, and it won’t be a different thing this time around. By the end of the first month, I am pretty sure that I will overcome with my social networking obsession, and I will start writing again by then. It is just a matter of time.

The best lesson I ever did learn from this exercise of book promotion through social networking was this – it is impossible to make everybody happy, there will always be someone out there who will simply don’t like your works with no reasons and you just cannot change that. There are also many unreasonable and irrational lunatics whose myopic and sometime even vitriolic comment can hurt your feeling and the word logic simply has no significance in their world. Internet has make things easier for such people to vent out, even a pussy-cat can become a tiger in front of the computer in a dark room, and it is the civilized world’s turn to bear that brunt. I don’t like to hear from such people, I simply don’t want to be a part of their limited world, and it is the very reason why I am going to minimize my exposure towards them.

Although I have found some very nice people along the way, many were just pretenders and opportunists, and they simply have no value or respect with our connection. The more I applied the principle of giving and taking on social networking, I got more disappointment and now I do strongly believe that it was rather taking and taking only but not for giving. Both internet and real world have people, the only difference between the two is that in real world, we have rules of laws and in internet, it doesn’t. Anyone can be a king there, we better watch out.


What will I be writing in 2016?


As I have said many times before, I was so much so busy on book marketing in year 2015 that I didn’t even write a single page of my new book in the whole year of 2015, and my head is about to bust out with many new stories. In order to clear them off my head, I have decided to dedicate the entire year of 2016 on writing again and I will be writing not one, two but five books all at once this year. Want to know what will I be writing in 2016? No worries, here are the details for you all.

1. THE NAMASTE CLUB – It is a story of four Nepalese friends living in Hong Kong with one shared objective of opening a club of their own where they can not only have a good time but also proudly say it is of their own place while their ongoing struggle, predicament as well as vagary of life in a totally new place continue without respite.
2. THE BROKEN PEOPLE FROM GOD’S LAND – It is a story of one such unfortunate family and their village whose life was systematically turned upside down when a new influx of outsiders suddenly arrived at the front gate of their village and the new arrival started to claim the lands surrounding the village as their own in the name of God and suffocated them from all fronts.
3. MY FORGOTTEN PATH HOME – It is a story of a young woman who had lost her entire family when a devastating earthquake struck her homeland, orphaned her, and ended up at the arm of a foreign couple in a foreign nation. And yet, her craving for her origin home had become so immense and profound with time that she had to return home before it could ruin her very own life.
4. A FATHER’S LOVE CAN’T BE SERVED ON A PLATTER – It is a story about the life of a man who had to raise his three young daughters singlehandedly after his wife was killed in a freak accident; it is about his trials and triumphs of life, and how he managed to see, experience and live the life by his own.
5. DIGNITY – It is a story of twin brothers, one had chosen the path of dignity and honor but remained poor, the other had chosen the opposite path and became rich, and at the end, who wins and who loses? The answer depends on the individuals asking that very question.

My challenge for this year will be not only finishing all of five books but also try to write at least one book that only contains dialogue. I have just realized that all of my previous books have less dialogues and I want to overcome that shortcoming by challenging myself for creating a book with only dialogue. Hope I can achieve that.

For the year 2017, I will be dedicating the whole year on my next book about Gurkhas, I have planned to visit Singapore, Malaysia, UK and finally Nepal on my pursuit of finding proper materials for the book, and I sincerely do hope that I can do justice on this one. After all, it will be a book by/on/for the true Gurkhas. Hope everyone will pitch in, provide me the necessary help and support that I might be in need and I really looking forward to it. Until then, I remain and happy writing!


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My journey so far as an author! – The final report card 2015!


It has been almost a year now since my first books were published, I spent the whole damn year promoting my books and nothing else, and it has turned out be quite a year for me as a whole at the end. The main purpose of this blog is to ruminate on the passing year, list the things that happened or didn’t happen, and make plans for the coming year.

1 year is certainly not a very long time in an author’s life, whole life can slither away and yet people still have to read your books, and barring a few lucky ones, most of the writers will end up in the similar way. I am no exception. I don’t belong to a rich and famous family, my works are not picked up by any of big publishers yet, and people are certainly not queuing up in a big line in anticipation of reading my books. I am still alone at my own, I have to do everything by my own for the promotion of my books or nothing will happen, and people still don’t want to talk with me unless I am paying for it.

My position can be described very well in just one sentence here – English books written by a Nepali/Gurkha guy in a predominately Chinese speaking society is like selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo – I really didn’t know it was so hard. My location plays a very significant role on the success or failure of my campaign, had I been living in an English speaking country such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia or even New Zealand, I would have certainly done well by now, and there were some things that I simply couldn’t do from Hong Kong. Moreover, my lack of friends in the media also hindered a lot, my humble background didn’t put me in par with other well placed authors who have friends and families in the right place to be helpful when needed, and I didn’t know either that the literary world was so crowded and competition was so tough.

But the biggest disappointment I got from during the whole campaign was the sheer lack of interest, support and encouragement from our own people. Barring just a few old friends and my closed families, I got absolutely no help from my Nepalese community, so much so that I didn’t even know they have bought any of my books, and I got hardly any mentioning in the Nepali media. Despite being the only Nepalese author with 8 English books, internationally read by thousands of readers, and appreciated by many, I genuinely hoped that my people would read, appreciate and feel proud of my works as a Nepali, and people will wholeheartedly support me. I was damn wrong, it was just an illusion and I got nothing but disappointment in return. What’s more, I was doing it not for fame or fortune; I was simply doing it for charity and helping the poor from the Nepal itself. Then I realized that if our people were so sensible, knew how to differentiate good from bad and support the right things in life, our nation would have not been in such a dire situation by now, and the mistake was not theirs but mine alone. I was simply expecting too much from them, I have learned my lesson, and I felt good again.

Despite all the adversities, look what I have achieved within one year and I genuinely believed that I did pretty well for a neophyte as a starter. The report card speaks for itself.


As I didn’t write a single page for my new book in 2015, I will be dedicating the whole year of 2016 for writing and I am planning to write 5 books all at once. I hope I can finish them all in 2016 and I will certainly be doing less of the promotion in 2016 for sure.

Although I have never felt easy writing about the Gurkhas, being myself one and experienced it through my own life certainly made it harder and I never seriously thought about writing it before in life. I even thought that it was a stigma, whatever said about the Gurkhas was just the direct outcome of the ongoing British’s propaganda, and everyone was lulled into a long illusion that never ends. But my perception towards it has changed since then. In comparison to the other people from Nepal, look what they have done to our country back in Nepal, Gurkhas are the best thing that ever came out of Nepal, and they fully deserve their position in the history of our country. They at least deserve it, I owed it to them and my responsibility as a writer is to help achieve it for them. I am going to write a true book about real Gurkhas, I will dedicate the whole year of 2017 for that noble task, will do proper researches, and I will do my utmost best to present the best ever Gurkha book about Gurkhas written by a Gurkha himself. It will be my challenge for the year 2017, I will leave no stone unturned to make it one of the great books about Gurkhas, and if I came up good on this challenge, it will be one of the proudest moments of my life, and I will need all the helps possible from you all. Thank you!


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