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Look, What I’ve found on my way to office this morning….?

After squeezing myself in the morning rush hour train like sardines, I got some respite walking along the park on my way to the office, and look! What I have found along the way…


Amazingly, they even have a separate park for our canine friends, it was a bit too early to have one there though and I have seen a few playing around there in other time.


This energetic team works out on the rhythm of music, the music is quite loud though for our liking and I have seen them in a regular basis unless there was rain just like yesterday.


This mysterious hole at the adjacent of a pillar to the main highway above has been there for quite sometime now, I wonder what they were digging it for, and hope that those people above on the highway never get to see it.


On the middle of the park, they even have a waterfall, not that big though but quite beautiful, and they even have some fish and turtle in it.


Surprisingly, there is even a lighthouse there. Isn’t it so nice?


A small eatery in a shape of a boat, seemingly a nice place and people are enjoying it.


A group of dancers, always busy and enjoying the dance with a loud music. The music is certainly from the north border, a distinct communist song is regularly played and it is definitely seeking out for more audiences.


A green, isolated and private garden at the edge of the park, quite a refreshing scenery though and it makes me wonder for how long it can carry on existing there by itself.




A refreshing scene outside from my office window, seemingly, Hong Kong is starting to take global warming issue seriously and making some endeavors of their own recently. I wish them all for all the best luck of the world!



My Journey so far as a writer…!

My own version of hall of fame!


It has almost been eight months since my books were published in late January 2015, the only thing I have been doing since then is the promotion of my books, and as I have already said umpteenth times, it turned out to be a very hard job indeed. Selling English books written by an Ex. Gurkha/Nepali guy in a Chinese society like Hong Kong is extremely harsh. With no friends in the media, the chance of being featured in the local papers is almost none to zero, and almost nobody wants to talk with a new, unknown and self-published writer. As the saying goes – everybody seeks for the shining star – and people hardly notice that we do actually exist.

Still, the greatest drawback of my situation in promoting my books is my location of living, you know I live in Hong Kong, and I have to find my readers somewhere else than Hong Kong. I am a bit tired of repeating the same story again and again, trust me, I have no intention whatsoever of writing about this East and West thing, but I have no choice. Believe it or not, Western hegemony is much deeply rooted in our society here and everyone is affected by it. Unless we make it to the West, the possibility of making it to the East is really hard, and we people from the East are just the followers with no balls. We don’t lead. Sadly, the world is run that way, it doesn’t make that much of a difference whether we like it or not, and if I were to make it here, I need to conquer the West first. The other facts also affect my position, people from this part of hemisphere also tend to read less, and since I am not a well known author, the chance of people reading my books is really slim. And it has put me clearly in a disadvantageous position.

The other options I have at my disposal for now are to buy more ads, but finding the right ads that really work is like finding a needle in hay, and just like most of other self-published writers, I don’t have a bottomless pocket. The virtual world is full of pretenders, everyone is expert on marketing, but almost none of them worked, at least for my case, and when I have challenged them with a set goal, nobody has the ball to take it. I do write regular blogs, it has been attracting quite a number of readers but most of them seemed to be spammers who want to sell almost everything one can imagine and finding genuine readers seemed to be very hard. Not to be outdone by the old-timers, I even started to write on a local paper for free, got a few thousands followers, and yet, hardly sold one book from it. The fight or shall I say struggle is on, I have to persevere or as a last option I might have to consider migrating to the west.., and see if it works.

I genuinely believed now that most of books in Amazon are crap, like we say here in the East – even cats and dogs are writer – and it will take a much longer time than we have patience for it to get out of this stigmatized field of being indie writers. My books are based on social and global issues, it is for the society, people and humanity, and my books are thoroughly edited by a damn good professional editor paid thousands of dollars per book. Most importantly, I don’t write for money or fame, I write for a good cause, and use all the proceeds from my books to run my charity, which in turn helps finance poor families in Nepal so they can send their children to school. It seems the hardest part for any new writers like me is to be able to stand out of that big crowd and being noticed. And that is easier said than done.

The other pressing problem I am facing right now is not being able to concentrate and write, I haven’t been able to continue writing for the entire time now, and I somehow got stuck at just a few pages of my 9th novel that I had started a very long time ago. Being a natural writer, it is very hard for me not to write, and I already have storylines for my next five books at my head. I have to clear it out before it vanishes. Before that I still have to sell more books, mark my arrival at the literary world and eventually convince the world to read my books. But for how long can I wait? I am not sure yet, and for the time being, my endeavors on presenting my works to the world should continue.


The ongoing refugees’ problem in the Europe is its own making!

A Nation for Refugees!


Europe is inundated with the influxes of refugees from Middle East and Africa, it is grappling with the ongoing refugees’ problem for sometime now, and the world doesn’t have to wait for the media to tell that. Heartbreaking scenes after scenes of human’s tragedy kept repeating on in front of us wherever we look at it, thousands of them have drowned while trying to escape the misery, and the world cannot look away anymore from it now. For the sake of humanity, it is time for the world to take notice, we cannot shirk away from our responsibility anymore and the ongoing refugees’ problem must be dealt with immediately and find solutions.

Refugees’ problem is not new to this world, it must have been started with our own civilization, and yet, why is it still so serious and prevalent? Look no further, the problem is within us – the humans and needless to say the onus is also upon us – the humans to find solutions. If we are responsible for inventing all the good things in this world, so are we to blame for creating all the bad things as well – including the refugees’ problem. And Western hypocrisy has played a very important role on creating such a mess at the Middle East that has displaced so many people from their home and forced them to flee their country, and here are the reasons why.

1. The main root of our problems in this world now is still the Israel & Palestine issue, the ongoing enmity between the West and Muslim world is all the same newly-fangled fires developed from the same ember, and unless it is solved once and for all, the world will never be a peaceful place. If Jews were not systematically persecuted in the West, they wouldn’t have returned to Jerusalem, Palestinians would not have displaced from their lands for the creation of Israel, and the world wouldn’t have to deal with this never-ending Israel and Palestine issue.
2. The Western world has always shown great interests to the Middle East for one reason only – the black gold also known as oil. Had it not been for oil, the world would have ignored it and it might have been good for them. Oil definitely made the Middle East rich, it also attracts many flies, and it has given them many headaches. And they have been paying it for now by lost of lives and broken nations.
3. The so called Arab Spring was based on false assurances; the new, aspiring and hopeful democrats/students from the Middle Eastern countries were cheated by it; and when the western world didn’t come for help as promised, they ended up with broken hearts, lost lives and tattered countries. As the world watched from the side, the uprisings were crushed through the barrel of guns and tanks, dissidents were killed in broad daylight, and the whole nations were torn apart between rival factions.
4. The western world also have to sell more expensive weapons, without wars they cannot be sold so they have to create some, and there are no better places than Middle East & Africa to start one. War is the final outcome based on human’s utter greed, envy, selfishness, ambition and thirst of power; it feeds on humans’ misery and blood, and it brings nothing but sorrow, unimaginable pain and destruction to people, society and nation. Sadly, we don’t realize it until it is already too late.
5. And when there is not one, two but many wars, people are displaced, mimed and killed, and refugees are inevitably going to be there in abundance. Humans’ follies such as ignorance, procrastination and inaction also played a huge part here. If we had taken necessary actions to prevent it beforehand, the misery of many people could have been lessened if not completely prevented and the world would have lesser problems now. But we don’t react until it started to affect our lives and the current situation in Europe is no exception.

If we were to avoid the similar situation again, we must unite together, try our utmost best and find the right solutions. Obviously it is easier said than done, but for the sake of humanity, if we can come together, nothing is impossible, and the solutions for this pressing refugees’ problem are much easier to find than we think. Believe it or not, I have already wrote a book just for it called “A NATION FOR REFUGEES”, it deals with all the refugees’ problems that we have now and provides right and necessary solutions. My books are available here in both print and e-versions, thank you!


Why there are so many organizations in Nepalese Diasporas society?



Nepal is festered with feudal caste system, it has umpteen ethnicities or races of people and it is one of the many reasons why the nation is still lingering on the bottom of the poorest nations in the world. Due to globalization, migration has become a modern phenomenon and Nepalese were not the ones to be missing the gravy train and left behind. As a result, many Nepalese have gone abroad for work, study and family reunion, which have created quite a substantial numbers of Nepalese communities in various countries, and here in Hong Kong, seems no exception.

It is widely known fact that most of the original British Gurkhas and their families have already migrated to Great Britain after residency rights were granted there a few years back and whatever number of Nepalese people still living in Hong Kong nowadays shouldn’t be that big one for sure. I heard somewhere it was around thirty thousands, a bit more or a bit less, and that is certainly not a very big or substantial number of people to make any impacts in a multi-faceted and cosmopolitan mega city like Hong Kong. As per the official static, 95% of local populations are Chinese, there are many international communities that easily numbered in hundred of thousands, and Nepalese community is definitely in the minority amongst them. Furthermore, the other communities from various countries are mostly business oriented, international hub like Hong Kong values businesses, and Nepalese community certainly lacks immensely on this field – hence less clout or influence on the society. But one thing has certainly surprised me in great deal, although Nepalese people are well known for hardship, tenacity and ingenuity, this fact still made me wonder and forced me to ask – why there are so many organizations in Nepalese Diasporas society here in Hong Kong and around the globe?

My readers must have known by now that my life was totally different than the other Nepalese in Hong Kong, due to my international business, I was mostly associated with mainland Chinese and international businessmen, and I had hardly any time to mingle with other Nepalese in Hong Kong. After I decided to end my tenure as businessman and started my literary career, I got more opportunities to connect with my fellow countrymen, and learned a lot about them recently. It seems that they have organizations for almost everything, you think of a name and presto it is there, and I wonder how many memberships a person might have had and where did he/she get all the time to attend them. I am not going to list them all here; they are mostly based on caste, sub-caste, locality, profession, interest/hobby, hometown/village, political proximity, new fad, personal agenda, and so on and on, and thanks to the social networking, it is plastered allover the virtual world for everyone to see. I happened to be one of them and I learned it all from there as well. And it still perplexed me why they must have so many organizations in such a small community and I have been trying to find the reasons for such behaviors and why. It is that curiosity that prompted this article.

No matter how romanticize it by people, living in a foreign country without many of your friends and families is still very hard, and especially for the new immigrants with lowly paid jobs, it is extremely difficult. It is not only the culture, traditions and language, but also the way of doing things is completely different, and it needs a lot of patience, compromise and willpower to survive such harsh condition. I have experienced it myself first hand, I know very well how cruel life can be on such period and a small help from here and there can make a big difference in such life. We all need to be loved and cared by our own, a nice and safe place of our own where we can feel safe and warm, and a soul or two with whom we can talk, trust and share our feeling. It might be the urges of that humans’ basic instinct, nobody wants to be cold, lonely and weak, and the need of such human’s compassion might have brought them all together.

It is perfectly fine for us to behave that way, humans are made of that way by nature anyway, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when we start overdoing it, the very reason why we do it at the first place will have no meaning and it will ended up nothing more than a charade by itself. The another reason why they need so many organizations is because of a typical Nepalese mentality, everyone wants a platform of our own for talking, and nobody waits for solving the differences amongst groups through mutual discussions before opening a new one. Playing politics is another reason, after all playing politics is our national hobby and although we have already left Nepal for so many years, that mentality is forever in our head and it doesn’t matter where we live.

I personally think it is a sad episode and needs for a change. Instead of doing in circles, we should try to learn from the developed society like Hong Kong or UK; try to assimilate into the new society by learning their culture, traditions and language, and make necessary changes to fit into the new environment. Learn necessary skills or trades so we can put ourselves in par with the locals, learn how things are done here and apply it in our life, so, we can get similarly paid jobs as the locals. Raising the standard of our living, understanding the local mentality, broadening our mind, and harnessing necessary skills are more important than playing dirty politics back in Nepal. If we can not do it by ourselves, at least think about your future generations and give them the environment and opportunity to flourish so they don’t have to go through the same harsh route as we have gone through. I am not saying we to forget completely about our tradition, culture and way of life, but raising our living standard in a foreign land and gaining some respect in front of the locals are more important, and we must never forget about the wellbeing of our future generations too. Being poor are like a curse, we will understand it only when we have lived an undignified life in a foreign land and we must always remember it. And we can do it without forgetting our root and I can attest it through my own personal experiences. Please think it for a while!

Note: The same article also appeared on on 25 aug 2015

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