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Nepal’s Earthquake Diary – Introduction!

As we all know, Nepal, The Himalayan Nation is still grieving from the unfortunate event, it was struck by a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake on Saturday afternoon, 25 Apr 2015 and the consequences have been devastating. The epicenter of the earthquake happened to be around 80km west from the capital city, Kathmandu, those village houses which were mostly made of stone and sediment nearby the epicenter were almost all wiped out and some of the old, frail and ancient structures in the capital were also not spared. Many private houses and other buildings were severely damaged, shoddy structures and poorly built houses were turned into rubble, and thousands of lives were buried under the piles of debris. The fatality from the disaster has already risen over 5000 and still rising, tens of thousands of people are believed to be injured and the final toll can reach easily over 10000 soon. According to the United Nation, 8 millions people out of a nation of 30 millions are affected by the disaster, the estimated damages caused by the earthquake could add up to billions and it will take years before the reeling nation can come back to the normal again.

It was not the earthquake itself; it was the inherent habit of cutting shortcuts, notorious culture of ignoring safety before profit and the perennial culture of accepting mediocrity before life that killed so many. The reason behind high fatality is not the ferocity of the earthquake, but its poorly built houses and shoddy structures, and had it been in some other developed nations, the fatality rate would not have been so staggering. Thankfully, it did occur in the daytime and it also happened to be a holiday so people were not at work and children were not in school. Had it been in the nighttime, the fatality would have been beyond our imagination and we should all be really thankful to the God.

The last few days have been really difficult and testing for myself and my family, we have been busy trying to contact our friends and relatives back in Nepal almost in a daily basis, and couldn’t be relieved until we found them all fine and unharmed albeit a little bit ruffled though. My home town Pokhara happened to be situated just at the outer brim of the severely affected area from the big tremor, shock wave was felt pretty hard and strong though, but no severe damages were done. This news virtually took a big weight off our shoulders and we were genuinely relieved and thankful.

I am not only astonished but also genuinely touched by the overwhelming reactions of the people from around the globe; especially the Nepalese Diasporas from many different nations and the true expressions they have shown on helping the bereaved nation were really heart warming. It felt like everybody was on the move, social networking sites were strewn with inspiring gestures, and I could genuinely feel that the whole universe was coming together for help. Everyone was pitching in, goodwill and encouraging messages were filling up the pages of the virtual world and gradually it was touching peoples’ heart and mind as well all at the same time. The whole society was waking up and rallying up all at once for the good cause. The calling was so profound and powerful that one couldn’t help or rest until something was done on his or her part for the cause. It was not only the time of deep mourning but also coming together and taking necessary actions to rebuild the nation again. Adverse situation can create opportunity, let it be the first one for the sake of the nation and rebuild our broken nation again.

I am a writer based in Hong Kong, I write about global issues, and I have recently published six such books. I have more plans to publish 2 more books by this year and so on, my 7th book will be about HK and it is on the editing process now.

I was born in Nepal; I came to Hong Kong as a Gurkha soldier at 17 in 1980 and served the British Crown until 1993. I came back to HK right away, worked in a company for the next seven and half years that had interests in China, and my immediate family joined me two years later in 1995. Afterward, I established my own company in HK, started manufacturing furniture in China factory, and exported it to various countries around the world. I have been working really hard for almost all of my adult life, I always wanted to do something more meaningful after I turned fifty and that is precisely what I am doing now. I only write for my charity, I use the proceeds generating from my books to run my charity, and in turn, it helps finance poor families in Nepal so they can send their children to school. This campaign has already started from my home town, we have already enrolled 25 students for this school year, and we will expand it gradually as we grow in coming years. It will eventually grow and expand to the entire nation, it might take years and I am here to complete it as I expand my literary horizon throughout the world. The grave situation in Nepal has made my campaign even more significant, the children from the mostly hard hit areas would definitely need my help and I promised to work really hard not to leave you all behind. God bless us all.

Next post – Why I decided to start this new post? By TIM I GURUNG/AUTHOR

Some devastating scenes aftermath the earthquake.













25 Reasons to read my books!

1. If it has no sex, vulgarity and bad language,
2. If it has no elements of horror, science, murder, rape, fantasy or wizardry,
3. If it has no awkward scene, difficulty in reading and sharing with family members and friends,
4. If its protagonists are mostly simple and ordinary people,
5. If it tells the story of common people just like you and me,
6. If its stories can be easily found amongst us,
7. If the stories are interesting, inspiring and memorable as it was like your own story,
8. If it touches your heart, soul and life,
9. If you want to learn from the trials and errors of others same hard working people like you,
10. If you want to give it to your family and friend as a gift,
11. If you care about your people, society and nation,
12. If you want to hear about social messages on global issues,
13. If you want your children to learn something important and apply it in life,
14. If you like the true story of struggle, pain and suffering in of ordinary people,
15. If you want to read a clear, honest and genuine works of a sincere soul,
16. If you like to read books from the author who has similar humble background like yours,
17. If you want to read stories about small people,
18. If you want to ready books that are for good cause,
19. If you think reading is not only for entertainment but also for knowledge and soul,
20. If you like to read books about conscience, righteousness and honor,
21. If you want to read books from authors who don’t write for money or fame,
22. If you genuinely care for a good and real book,
23. If you want to read about real global issues that are explained in a simple story,
24. If you care about the plights of the weak, poor and underprivileged ones,
25. If you really want to help support a new writer, whose main reason of writing is for helping others, and try to give some much needed hopes to the lost, tired and unfortunate ones,

Then, you must try my books, please read my books. And after reading my books, if you found any discrepancy or shortcoming from the above list, you can write directly to me at and I will personally provide genuine answers to you all. Thank you and take care!



Until now, I have only been writing about my books, my ongoing endeavors on marketing them, and the progresses or shall I call it a struggle about selling them. Unsurprisingly, I have hardly touched the subject of my charity back in Nepal and I am writing this piece to update on that as well today. It doesn’t necessarily mean I was neglecting it, after all, it is the one that is very much close to my heart, and the initial works were all going on at the backstage. For me, there is nothing more important than fulfilling my nationwide project of helping the poor back in my home country, but it won’t happen until I become an established writer and sell enough books worldwide in order to be able to finance the great project, and I am really working hard to do just that. Inevitably, it is not an easy task, being a new and self-published writer turned out to be much harder than I had previously thought and the damn cruel world won’t budge unless there is something in for them all. Writing is my passion, helping others is my compassion and I am using my passion to help fulfill my compassion. Most importantly I am doing it alone for my heart and soul, I have to not only write many books but also sell them, and that is easier said than done. I am so blessed with the almighty one up there that I simply have no problems at all on writing them, the hardest part is definitely the selling part, and especially at the beginning of this great campaign, whatever helps and succors that I can get will be much helpful.

The charity runs itself only through the financial help and dedicated work of my family alone, we don’t accept any donations at all from the outside parties, and if you still want to pitch in for the noble cause, please helps promote my books through words of mouth, write articles on papers, and arrange events on selling them if possible. Every bit counts.

Now back to the progresses report of my project, please find it as below, thank you!

A.The Gonpa in Hetauda is already completed, the grand opening is scheduled for late 2015 and you are all mostly welcomed to join us by then.

B.The ambitious project of sponsoring needy children from the nation has already started by now, it has begun from Kaski district and as planned, it will gradually expand to the whole nation eventually as we grow. The following six schools have already enlisted for the program by now and we are providing financial supports to the 20 children from this coming school year on until they completed grade 10.

Number of students – 4 – 2 x boys & 2 x girls
Number of students – 2 – 1 x boy & 1 x girl
Number of students – 4 – 2 x boys & 2 x girls
Number of students – 2 – 1 x boy & 1 x girl
Number of students – 5 – 2 x boys & 3 x girls
Number of students – 3 – 1 x boy & 2 x girls
TOTAL OF STUDENTS SPONSORED AS OF NOW – 20 (9x boys + 11 x girls)
NOTE: We are going to add 5 more students from Dhampus, my home village, and we are working on it now, thank you!

According to our plan, more students from different schools will be added on to the list from hereon, it will certainly depend on the very success of my books and I sincerely do hope that I can do that. I know it is a big dream, it can take years and all of my remaining days can be used up trying it. But I won’t mind, I will work my utmost best and with or without helps from the outside, I will eventually prevail. Since I have started it, I must finish it. God bless me with all the helps, strength and encouragement that I need right now to just achieve that. If not for others, for the good-damned sake of my own wellbeing, I must finish it and make it a successful story. Thank you all – TIM I GURUNG/AUTHOR

My First Review of Other Writers’ Book!




Language: English
Published in: 2014
Available in paperback in
Size: 262 pages
By Larry Santers
Reviewed by TIM I GURUNG – 8 Apr 2015
It is a nice, short and funny book. The prose is clever, characters appear in an appropriate time, and they snugly fit into the story very well. All of the characters are appropriate; support the story well and take the story forward. Although the main events of the story such as boat sailing, intricate talking of lawyers, and high-end life drama are not the type of my liking, I still found the story quite interesting. The shibboleth of talking by Isabel was a bit confusing at the beginning, but subsequently it smoothed out itself and I had no problem understanding it. The intervention of Caroline at the middle of the story was quite interesting, the character itself is quite remarkable, and it plays quite an important role to help solve the ongoing predicament of our protagonist. Just like the most Italians in many other stories, the character of Michaelangelo was predictable as a smooth talker, and he also fitted pretty well in the story. The only thing I have to say with a whiff of surprise about this book is about Lindsay, the love interest of the main character, and her part in the story is intriguingly very short. The writing is very sophisticated, it is a very nicely written book, and I genuinely thought that it was probably the writer’s his own story. I think that the book can do pretty well if it can find its right readers.

How to win a new signed copy of my books!

Dear All,

As you know, I am a writer from HK, I write on global issues, and I have published six books by now. If you want to win a free signed copy of my books, please complete the terms below and contact us:

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Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to sending you guys more free books soon.

Thank you all and God bless you.
Best regards

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