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My journey so far as a writer…!


A Nation for Refugees!

The world is a very big place, it has not only many different race, color and type of people but also people with different religion, tradition and way of life, and different thinking and ideology create friction. When there are no respect, trust and tolerance for other religion, race and tradition, disputes are inevitable, and small conflict of interest can easily morphed into a fully-blown-war. On top of that, when humans’ inherent follies such as greed, ego, selfishness, power and revenge are allowed to play a part into it, destructions in unimaginable scale are unavoidable, and at the end, it is the ordinary people like you and me who will have to suffer the most. War does not only destroy property, society and the nation but also the life, hope and future of the nation as well as its people. It also stops the progress of time, the development of the society and eventually the advancement of the nation. Most importantly, it destroys peoples’ life, families are broken and the whole society can be displaced in no time. War is a very ugly thing, it does nothing but harm to all of us and we must stop it at any costs. It is so regrettable that we never seem to learn from the past mistakes, we are still suffering from the same repeated mistake again and again, and instead of stopping it, the world seems to be busy on escalating it.

The cost of any war cannot be counted alone on casualty, money or property loss, these factors carry less significance as they can be easily recuperated in later days, and the success or failure of the war shouldn’t be judged onto it. It is the immeasurable pain, suffering and misery of broken family, society and nation aftermath the war that must define the actual cost of the war and that is of course almost impossible to count. Peoples’ emotion, affliction or misery cannot be measured in scale, no individual or nation have been able to invent such a powerful machine, and no war can justify such tragedy and misery of humane suffering caused by it. If we sincerely do understand the inhumane situation and plight of the displaced people by war and the actual suffering and indignation normally refugees have to go through in a daily basis, no humans in their right mind and heart can support any shape or size of war. It is not our awareness but our blatant ignorance that is inflaming all the wars that we have now in this world. Unless it knocks at our front door and starts affecting our life, we don’t see it as a problem, it is always somebody’s problem, and it is that kind of attitude or shall we say shortcoming in our part that encourages warmonger in our planet. But a war at any corner of the world would somehow affect all of us someday, the ever-increasing refugee’s problem would sooner than later catch us up and trust me, there is simply no hiding from it. As the wise man has always said, prevention is always better than a cure, and we should all heed to him.

Refugees’ problem is not a new one to this world, it has been here perhaps from the very beginning of our civilization, and yet, we still have not done enough to solve this centuries old problem. It is also not one or two particular nations’ problem, it is our problem, and we must find ways to solve it as one. My sixth book, A NATION FOR REFUGEES was mainly written to highlight this ongoing problem, try to find some solutions and if possible, lessen their suffering. Most significantly of them all, it was my share of contribution towards the unfortunate and misplaced ones and if I can change peoples’ perception in a very small way through this book, I will take it as a compliment and assume that all of my efforts have not gone in vain. Thank you! TIM I. GURUNG/AUTHOR




The Cursed Nation!

There are certain countries in this world which are despite being rich and bestowed with full of natural resources, they are still very poor and never seems to come out of that quagmire for decades. Generations after generations would atrophy away, the ongoing plundering of the nation continue, and it is always the ordinary citizens who have to pay the ultimate price of utter indignation, hunger and not-so-glorious life that never end. There can be understandably many reasons why a nation is poor, what is stopping it from progressing and how that can be solved eventually. We are a progressive creature, we need improvement to move ahead with time and nature won’t allow us to remain standstill at one place for that long. And yet, why some countries are still stuck there for so long? Instead of progressing forward, why it is going backward in the term of development, and why no one can stop that reversal process against human’s nature? It is a very interesting question, we should all be asking ourselves regularly, and must try our best to find the right answers. Intriguingly though, it is hardly the case in such places and if you dig a little bit deeper, the reasons become more obvious and clearer.

The list of reasons why a nation is not progressing as it should be can be pretty big but it is mostly the very people of the nation itself that are the main cause of the problem as the advancement and wellbeing of the nation purely depend on the way people behave in that particular nation. If the people are greedy, selfish and self-enrichment gets more priority than the nation itself, there will be almost zero contribution in the process of nation building, and it suffers gradually from the inside. If the system is venal, leaders are corrupted and subjects are ignorant, nothing in the name of development can be happened to such nation, and the nation gets weakened with the burden of time. It will become just like an empty body with nothing inside and deprived of all the internal organs, eventually the whole body will collapse as a corpse one day. We are nothing without a nation, it gives us our identity and place in the face of this world, and without it we are nothing more than just numbers. The importance and value of the nation in our life are irreplaceable, no individual can ever be above the nation, and the earlier we understand the better. It is the lacking of that understanding that makes the nation suffers.

All the people from those rich, developed and respected countries have already understood it very well by now. No country was great or powerful from the early of time, it was their understanding, love and hardship that made their country great, and people from those poor countries must wake up and learn from the expert. My fifth book, THE CURSED NATION, was written for the same purpose, and if it can be the reason of awakening for those suffering ones, even in a very small way, I will take it as a success at my part and consider my time was not wasted in vain. As Nepal happened to be at the midst of such unfortunate and unenviable position, it was pretty natural for me to think about my country while writing and it would be wrong if I say I was not affected by the reality. But it shouldn’t be limited to Nepal alone, there are still plenty of nations in this world with much worse situation and they all can benefit from it. Thank you! – TIM I GURUNG/AUTHOR

My journey so far as a writer…!




Despite poverty-stricken society and other perennial problems of the nation, we had one thing going well back then and my childhood was spent in a peaceful society. At least we had no conflict, unrest or in-fighting amongst the people, both Hinduism and Buddhism – the two most prominent religions of South Asia – flourished side by side, and devotees from both sides were freely accepted and admitted on both temples and monasteries without any prejudice, hatred or contempt. I was Buddhist by birth, brought up as a Hindu and was made familiar with all the rites and rituals of both religions based on equal faith and respect. Incredibly, we never had any issues whatsoever concerning religion, not even a whiff of notion was ever there and unlike most of other nations from around the world, we all lived side by side as a good and respectful neighbor.

Reincarnation plays a big role in both Hinduism and Buddhism, both religions strongly believe on afterlife and my upbringing certainly played a big role in writing my 4th book, AFTERLIFE. Furthermore, one of my friends are revered Lama Gurus who had already reincarnated thrice and have a huge number of devotees of his own. Most of the Asian communities which have more or less inclination towards religions believe in afterlife, good deeds on this life mean good life in next life and bad deeds mean bad next life, and the cycle of life continues forever. It is this belief that encourages good behavior, eschew from bad thing, and eventually save people from choosing the wrong way. It is not all about religion; it is about cultivating good discipline and eventually avoiding oneself from all the unnecessary troubles in life. This is another lesson we learned from being piteous in Asia, it is a commonly known wisdom in our society and it can be also the reason why so many people and societies in Asia are encouraged to be religious.

But the subject of afterlife is not a sure thing that can be defined by a book, a person or a society, it is so huge yet boundless that ones can have many different conclusions, and yet, it can all sound alright as they see it through their own perspective. There is no one right answer, nobody can say that for sure, and the phenomena of curiosity never seem to end. What is afterlife? Is it real? What it feels to be reincarnated again? What will be my afterlife like? What is my next life? And the list can go on and on. It was one of those curiosities that compelled me to write a book, it is just one version of many that can be proliferated by others with similar notion like mine, and as I have already explained here, it is definitely not the final or right one. All in all, it is nothing more than my own version of afterlife that I saw suitable at the time of my writing and readers should treat it likewise and nothing more. Having said that, if you feel it as real, even in a slightest way possible while reading this book, I would still take it as a compliment and assume that my efforts have been not in vain, thank you so much! TIM I. GURUNG/AUTHOR

My journey so far as a writer…!

A Tree Called TENALPA


When I was young, my life back then at the village was so simple and uninspiring that I always dreamt about moving to the nearby city for better life. Just like most of my neighbors, my family was neither poor nor affluent enough to be able to fulfill my dream and being as the eldest son of the family, the onus was on me to change that. The much anticipated change finally did come when I was 17, joining the British army as a Gurkha soldier was not only a 200 years long tradition for our society but also a privilege and I jumped onto the chance as soon as it was offered to me. It not only gave me a chance of escaping from the humdrum of village life but also provided the possibility of better life for me as well as my family. My share of migration thus started pretty earlier.

Migration is one of the social phenomena of our life, people always tend to move around for better life, and it is nothing new to all of us. We all have our reasons for moving around, primarily for family, work or pleasure, but mostly we migrate for better opportunity in life. Sadly not all migrations could end up with a happy story.

Understandably, migration is anything but easy, it can bring many unforeseen problems as well as woes along the way, and it can be pretty daunting and intimidating for the new ones especially in a new, unfamiliar and foreign land. It is not only different language, culture and way of life that makes life harder but also there are many unwritten rules and unspoken practices that can create big problems for the new immigrants. And discrimination is one such ugly aspect of humane nature that goes hand in hand with our existence and no race, color or society of people are untouched or unaffected by its vice like clutch. Especially to the new immigrants of any society or nation, it is most ugly and rampant and the consequences are always very cruel and sometime even fatal. Not all new migrants are rich thus unwelcome by the locals; they easily become the obvious target of hatred and mistrust, and mostly found themselves at the receiving end of unwarranted rage or revenge. It is always the new immigrants, who do all the odd and lowly jobs of the society that the locals normally don’t want to touch, and more often than not, they are either exploited or very poorly paid. Their struggles have no end.

I have experienced blatant discrimination, exploitation and inequality first hand in life. As an outsider, I had to work hard almost double than the locals to get equal recognition, and yet, got paid much less in my career. The law enforcements and the institutions of the local authority tend to act like a bully than a protector, everybody wants to have a go at you, and nobody tends to miss a chance of making your already miserable life even more miserable without any remorse. Living in other peoples’ place is already tough, the surrounding atmosphere won’t make it any easier and the ongoing misery never seems to end. It is this pain, inequality and suffering of the new immigrants that helped inspire me to write this book, A Tree Called TENALPA, my third book, and my piffling effort here has been to highlight their plights, so, they can be treated like other humans with little dignity and respect. Each story of the six different colored birds represent our own race, their struggle is our own struggle, and the tree is their only home like ours globe.

The title of the book itself is a puzzle, if you can guess it right, please let me know discretely through email. I would love to hear about it. Thank you!



My journey so far as a writer…!

Missionary or Mercenary!


I have always wanted to do something about my people, society and if possible to the nation as well from the very early in age. But life had other plans for me, my humble beginning didn’t allow me that typed of luxury and my first half of life was spent mostly on raising my children and making ends meet. It remained nothing more than a wishful notion until I turned fifty but my craving had always remained as fresh and profound as it had ever been from the beginning. Writing makes me not only happy but also helps realize my dream and I am really enjoying it now. The notion alone had been so much so strong and powerful that while preparing for my charity project, I had to write it all down and it ended up with a whole new book. My second book MISSIONARY OR MERCENARY is the final outcome of that notion alone and it was written for not others but for my own self. It was a book about my future charity works, and it was all about the possibility of my own achievements, challenges as well as predicaments.

It all started with a grand plan of making the capital city free of street children (all new things always start with a grand plan) by providing them a new loving and caring home and a new business will be created to help finance the children home. The children will have a new home, at where they will not only be safe but also happy, have enough to eat and wear, find the chance of going to school, and eventually be able to have some hopes for the future. The capital city will also benefit from its clean and good image, its reputation will grow, and it will be saved from a lot of unnecessary hassles that it had been hitherto enduring through the ugly scenes of unsightly urchins. It was really a grand plan from which every party was sure to win and everyone was happy at the end.

But of course not all the good plans will end well as planned, there will always be many outside factors that can affect and change the final outcome of the big plan. Everything that started with good cause won’t always have a happy ending, it can easily turn into tears sometime, and all the good efforts can go down to the drain. It was one of those unfortunate stories that can melt your heart.

The world has certainly changed a lot nowadays. People have become rather selfish, self-centered and unaccommodating. Everything revolved around one’s own small world, nobody has time for others and the goodness of people has been palled over by apathy. I won’t be surprised at all if this book championing such cause will garner many fans, but it would have been great if it had more followers and be able to change the perception of some people for good. If that didn’t happen, it won’t be the end of the world and I will still take it as a win. Being able to give it a new shape of book is not a small achievement, as far as I am concerned it had already achieved what it was intended for and I am pretty okay with that. Thank you!

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